Real Estate

Real Estate

Company Overview:

You can build your dream with the help of real estate industry. Real estate business is related to property, housing, land and so on. Those people who work with real estate business is known as a real estate agent or brokers. They help normal people to buy an asset, sell an asset and so on. On the other hand, we can say real estate also refers to producing, buying and selling real estate.

There are few categories of real estate business like a Residential real estate, Commercial real estate, Industrial real estate and Land Broker Transactions. Each and every real estate company needs some basic services to grab the attention of their customers.

Services that will relate to Real Estate:

As like all industries real estate also works for their clients. The real estate business strategy is so complex cause they work with different agents. As like other industry, HR software is work as a core. A custom application is important for this industry too because their most of the work is related to liquid wealth. In the custom application, you can include accounts management, asset management, sales software. These functions will help to calculate the total asset and liquid. The mobile application also can help clients to find agents in one click. A website is also mandatory for this industry where they can put different agents percentage as well as the management of this industry can help local people by putting real-time information.

What ASCII provide:

We, ASCII system will provide you website design. You can also take only domain hosting service from us. ASCII is also providing custom applications, online branding and promotions, web application, HR software, and so on.

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