Human Resource

Human Resource

Company Overview:

Human resource is mandatory for each organization. Human resource is the heart of any organization. Most of the organization working as a Human resource platform and they supply manpower after collection from the different sources. Human resource deals with people. It is an organizational function which manages people.

Services related to this industry:

Many years ago HR department maintains notebook to record their day to day work. This time they are fully dependent on software named as HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM . This software will make your work life easy and convenient. Human resource software has so many parts. These are

  • Leave Management
  • Attendance management
  • Time Tracker
  • Form Customization
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Salary record
  • Expenses (For office purpose)

With the help of HR software, you can easily keep track on leave management. An employee can submit their leave application through this software. Application for advance leave is also possible. This management software will also help the employee to count down their total leave. Attendance management helps you to count down the attendance of each employee. By putting unique user ID you can even keep track of shifting duty. Time tracker will help HR manager to keep on eye each employee’s entry and leave time. It will help to calculate weekly wise working hours or monthly based working hour. Help HR manager to get the clear report. Customization Form is based on each and every employee’s personal information. It will also hold unique ID for every employee. Performance appraisal includes employee’s 360-degree feedback, Goal setting, and tracking, Employee self-appraisal, Performance Reports, Analytics. Employee self-service tracking where an employee can go through the detail information on his day to day work. Even employee can check his performance rating. An employee can set goals through this system. Via salary record, HR can calculate salary based on his working hour. In this HR software, there is a part named expenses. This part gives HR the information on employee expenses if needed. This expenses only for office purpose. Human resource management sometimes takes Mobile Apps to connect with each and every employee. Via this mobile application, they can share formal information. Even they can wish them in employee’s birthday or any particular occasion.

What ASCII provides:

We, Ascii will provide this software and also give mobile application if you need for your company. We can customize according to your needs and wants.

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