Company Overview:

Hospitality is a broad category including Hotel Management, Restaurant, and Travel Agencies. The main service in this industry is customer service. Hotel Management is all about accommodation service. This Hotel management service mostly depends on tourism business. Tourism business has tremendous growth.

Services those related to this Industry:

The relation between a hotel guest and a hotel representative is the core service. The main important part of this business is to set up a website with full of information. A website must have recent content along with pictures. Visitors will check the website before selecting any package. This website will help to promote a particular agency with their unique domain address. You can separate your business with another one if you have a website. A mobile application is needed because as we go we are moving forward with technology. Suppose your client is traveling one place to another. By the help of that tinny gadget, he can book his accommodation without any hassle. Mobile application helps a client to read reviews.

Online marketing and promotion will help you to promote your business around the world. You will get a guideline how to grab the attention of visitors and also how to target audiences. Facebook marketing is very popular with the young generation through the world.

The custom application will help you to put out of the box ideas on your website. You can put also web application system if you want to make it more unique. Most of the time website’s are similar to each other. The more you make it unique, the more you will get attention. Keep in mind that delivery the service is more important than others.

Hotel management system will help to cut extra cost. It will store your data securely and also you can secure your customer’s information. It is flexible to work from anywhere in the country. You can open up small setups in a different country and also communicate with stuff sitting in your home. With cloud computing, you can improve staff collaboration immensely. Your stuff can keep your guest happy and they will come again and again. Your clients are also booking their room through this system. You can put information regarding each room facilities like Ac, room decorations etc. you can control your account management. You can find out how much cash transaction is happening.

Hotel management software will help you to keep a record of your old asset as well as new one. This system will help you to store your stock properly. Avoiding waste in their establishment and in order to avoid running under the stock.

What ASCII provide:

We, ASCII system will provide you website design. You can also take only domain hosting service from us. We will provide a detail service for you if anyone wants to take from us. ASCII is also providing Custom applications, online branding and promotions, web application, Hotel management system, and so on.

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