FMCG, Retail & Dealership Chain

FMCG, Retail & Dealership Chain

Company Overview:

FMCG create and distribute products that are bought by customers frequently. This industry worked for fast moving goods which are low in cost. FMCG marketplace is huge. There are some largest FMCG industries around the world.

Retail and dealership chain is interrelated. The retail chain is to sell particular products to the consumers in exchange for money. Retail goods can be sold with the help of stores, online, email marketing and so on. Dealership chain is that when a company has permission to sell a particular product.

Services related to Industry:

These industries mostly use custom application software.  You can create functions according to your industry’s need. Custom application is mostly used for the small and large industry. You can get a perfect solution by using custom application. For FMCG there is a software name FMCG distributed software. With this software, you can scan product’s barcode, sales, stocks and so on. Even if you want you can do re-order management with the help of this software. This software will update itself time to time. By the help of billing software, you can keep a track of sales report and billing. The incomparable After Sales Service and Training Support is the key to its success.

Dealership software will help you to keep track of sales person’s sales, Billing report, Stock report, which brand’s product is in stock or not even the sales. In the retail industry, the importance of custom application is the most like FMCG. With the help of mobile application retail industry can keep track of their day to day sells.

What ASCII provides:

We, ASCII believe in your success. We will provide this custom-made software according to your business plan. The mobile application also developed by ASCII according to your company’s need.

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