Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Company Overview:

Enterprise resource planning is shortly known as ERP system.  ERP systems experienced rapid growth in the year of 1990.ERP system managed all the resources of the whole company. It is a cross-functional system that supports all the system or functions of a company.  ERP system is highly used in Garments sectors, Auto-mobile industry, Mobile, and networking industry. This system is also known as the basic internal business process of an organization. Finance, Materials, Marketing, Sales, Personal are the functional model of ERP system. The organization used to work with some modules. These modules are Finance, Sale, Planning, HR, Operation, Inventory.

Services related to Industry:

ERP system will help you to generate financial data by using finance module. HR module will maintain the complete database of an employee. By the help of production module, company will plan for the future production, production advice, sales forecast. The stock will be sorted with the help of inventory module. This module is interrelated with sales, finance, purchase. Sales module implements those functions which are related to sales. By the help of this module, the company can also schedule company’s promotion. Using od ERP system the company will more flexible in the workplace. This system will decrease the level of risk for a company.  The cloud network system also interrelated with this system. Cloud will help a company to communicate with internal people of a company through internet.

What ASCII provides:

We, ASCII system will provide ERP for your company according to with your desire although customization is always optional for this particular system. Because of customization in future, it will take more time to maintenance.

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