Company Overview:

E-commerce is known as a marketplace where you can buy and sell your products with the help of the electronic network. E-commerce is also promised clients to save their time and also save their hard earned money.

Services related to E-commerce:

The other name of e-commerce sector is network marketing. To promote your products through E-commerce the most important service is branding. Branding will help you to generate real lead and visitors. By using custom application, you can design your own e-commerce. Domain and hosting service is important to get the unique brand name and for the large space of your e-commerce store. Domain address helps people to find out your site easily. Having your own domain name, also makes your company look professional. This online marketplace is most popular for the young generation who are totally depending on mobile and other gadgets.  Through mobile application, anyone can order products by sitting at home or office even when they are traveling. Mobile application helps to collect customer data and also using pattern. Cloud infrastructure design, deployment & management will help you to secure your business and also flexible. You can connect globally by using Cloud management. Almost all of the e-commerce sector maintains a warehouse. Those who have their own product line, inventory management system are very important for them. Inventory management system helps to control your products quantity and how much you sell. Even you can get an update on your delivery through inventory management.

What ASCII Provides:

We, ASCII system will provide you fully fledged e-commerce operation tools. These services are the core services for e-commerce sector. We will provide basic and moderate services for you. ASCII is providing E-commerce development, Custom applications, Domain and hosting, online branding and promotions, Cloud infrastructure design, deployment & management, Inventory management, ERP system and so on.

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