9 Amazing Features For Your Health Website To Stand Out

Are you concerned about what features you can have on your health website? Guessing so, and maybe that’s probably why you are here at this moment.

Adding amazing features for a health website is an obvious part to attract visitors to your site. We are living in an era where competition for user attention is constantly growing to a huge extent.

In this vast competition, maybe you can draw some visitors to your site through strong SEO. But if you fail to deliver interesting features and contents, they will leave your site shortly.

This unspoken rule applies to all websites, regardless of niche. And the same thing goes for any health website.

So, let’s dive right in and learn about the features that will help your site stand out from the crowd.

9 Amazing Features For Your Health Website:

Today we are about to focus on 9 amazing site features for your health website. This endeavour is to make your site more user-friendly and unique. 

So, let’s get started.

  1. Focus on An Engaging UX/UI Design:

At the very moment, when a visitor comes to your website, the first thing he/she’s going to notice is the UI/UX of the site. Based on your site design and interface, he/she might be interested in roaming around or immediately leaving the site. 

So, the first impression is important, which has a far-reaching impact on your site. Have a quick look on this site, And see how you feel.

Visually so enrich and fresh.

Likewise, you can make your visitor come to visit your website times and over again by impressing them with a nice, profound, and easy UI/UX experience. 

Here is the top 12 health-related website UI/UX analysis. Feel free to read it to know how your site UI should look and how to make your visitor’s journey smoother.

  1. Clear Explanation Of Main Product Or Service:

You’ve to explain the main purpose of your website. That is what is the main service or product you are providing for the users. And how they can benefit from using your service/product. 

A visitor will be delighted when he comes to your website to get a nice and smooth UX with transparent info. Then, he might end up sharing the site with his circle who need it even if he doesn’t really need the service you provide. 

Remember, a clear explanation can build instant trust and transparency.

  1. User Directory With A Proper Call-to-Action Button:

As a health website, you should add a clear directory for both the Doctors and Patients. The easier and user-friendly it can be, the better the UX will get.

In our day to day life, it’s a common fact that we feel at ease with some physical consultant in terms of others. So, you can relate to this fact and make individual profiles for doctors. 

The profiles will be designed with the related information of the doctors. It will help the patients to choose their best-suited consultant. 

In this case, you can add a booking feature that will work as a call-to-action for the patients to book an appointment with his favourable doctor. It’ll be a monetization source for your site, so don’t miss it out.

However, patients also need a user profile to store all their medical and booking information so that both doctors and patients will easily interpret and no need to speak out everything every sitting.

  1. Education & Blog Section With Rich Information:

An educational corner with rich information will add value to your website. You may ask why. Well, nowadays, people are getting more and more conscious about their health. So, they want to learn things related to health and fitness.

And as a health-related site, visitors will obviously expect a unique education section from your website. Right?

You can organize the section maintaining an “A to Z glossary” where information related to medical science, diseases and conditions, medicine and supplements etc. will be organized. Moreover, a powerful search option will help to navigate users to their expected content.

On the other hand, the blog section will contain all the recent updates on the medical science field. It will continuously update your visitors with recent news and facts.

The section may seem a bit common and worthless as most of the website tend to have this section. But it will be your main sword to attract more visitors to your site and make them stay glued to it. 

You wonder how?

Well, indeed, you have to put a bit of effort to design, organize, and choose content for this section. Properly picked content topics enriched with valuable info and eye-catching visual elements is the main ingredients for this. You need to season it with perfect organization.

Yes, a clean and clear interface with rich content and visual elements. Perfect.

  1. Telemedicine And Video Conferencing:

In this era of technological boom, updated technologies made our lives much easier. And Telemedicine and video conferencing is a great option for both doctors and patients to initiate an appointment right from home.

We have seen how helpful this option was during the whole Covid-19 situation. 

To be honest, people now want more and more convenience in every sphere of their life. They are less willing to waste their time on the road to visit a doctor.

Rather, an option like Telemedicine and video conferencing will help to save them time and efforts.

So, don’t let your website miss out on this amazing feature.

  1. Health and Wellness Tools:

It will add extra value to your health site if you can engage visitors with various health and wellness tools.

Need an example? Here it is.

Such tools, namely symptom checker, body mappill identifiers, etc., will be very engaging as they provide instant information regarding any bodily and medicine related issues.

  1. Transparent Payment Processing:

As your website will be a connecting point for physicians, consultants and patients, you have to develop a clear and transparent payment processing system.

You have to set terms and conditions which both parties can easily interpret. Every type of fees should be clearly mentioned. So that patient can choose according to his comfort.

Otherwise, your site reputation can be impacted. And it is not really what you want, right?

  1. Sense Of A Secure Website:

Everyone wants to keep their information safe and secure. And you’ll see any professional institution, especially hospitals, never agree to disclose their client/patients’ information to any stranger.

And it’s the actual system. It is called professionalism. Indeed, patients do have the right to get a secure service without disclosing their info. Especially in the virtual world, the sense of security is an obvious demand for everyone.

So, when you build your health website, make sure that you’ve taken every measure to give your visitors a sense of security.

  1. Mobile Friendly Website:

Another noteworthy feature that your website should have. You must need to check out if users can have the same experience with your website both on PC and mobile. It’s crucial. Why?

According to Statista, approximately half of web traffic comes from mobile devices.

It’s because many users may feel more comfortable on a mobile device. And, it’s also tough to carry a pc everywhere they go. So, a mobile device is the best choice in this case. So, while making your site, reassure that your site is mobile-friendly.

Why Should You Choose Ascii System To Build Your Health Website?

Well, you have got the main features for your site. Now, it’s time to build your dream. And we Ascii System are right here for you to realize your dream.

You may ask, “why I should choose the Ascii System To Build My Health Website?”

We are glad that you asked the question. Here is the answer.

Ascii System is a full-stack IT consultancy Company anchored with a team of multi-skilled professional designers, analysts, and developers. They have almost 17 years of work experience in various industries, including healthcare.

The team will use quality code to maintain, process, and produce a secure website with reinforcing stability that your customers will enjoy.

As for the technologies, we use the most updated and world-class technologies to build websites. For example, WordPress, one of the most popular website builders. Thousands of medical professionals want WordPress for their site. The reason behind its popularity is diverse. It’s free and open-source yet highly secured, and help websites rank high in search engine.

We also use other technologies based on our client’s needs.

After all, we always respect our clients’ needs and requirements. So, through the whole process, we keep them in contact to get their feedback. And based on that our professionals give the best suggestions and solutions to them.

Thus, the final outcome becomes something outstanding that worth all the time and effort.

Closing Bell:

To conclude, we must say that after making your website communicate the value of your service in ways that will resonate with them. Make your website all about your clients and customers. 

Tell them how easily you will solve their problem. As a result, the site becomes a common name in their heart, and they will feel free to visit your website anytime they need.

6-Fun-Facts-And-Statistics-Of-Ecommerce-Ascii-System (1)

6 Amazing Fun-Facts & Market Statistics Of E-Commerce That Keeps Your Eyes On

Are you just owning a business or an e-commerce giant? Which gives you an ultimate pleasure at the day’s end? We know most of you will think about the amount you need to invest in building a giant. But, do you know, the e-commerce business is not only about to start in a bigger frame but also you can start with small steps.

Moreover, it’s not only an online store or platform, but it is also a combination of many strategies and steps.

Yeah, you got me right. The strategies that one makes are for big gains. Furthermore, it is a potential market that is still blooming.

Do you know what the best ways to reach more customers are?

We think following the latest trend is the coolest part to stand out from the market from many of them. Whether or not you are far from your dream, it still requires over-viewing the benefits of building an e-commerce empire. We strongly believe that the article will act as a primary guideline for those who want to start an e-commerce business.

Also, those who have an e-commerce store already will get extra opportunities to improve their sales growth.

Now, let’s have a quick look at what you will get from this article.

 – Brief history of e-commerce

 – E-commerce market statistics

 – Fun-fact of e-commerce business

So, it’s time to reveal why most consumers prefer to shop online with some fun facts about e-commerce business. 

Brief History Of E-commerce:

We all know that buying and selling goods or services online is called e-commerce. Though it’s an online process, businesses need to use an e-commerce store or platform to showcase their products or services.

Before opening the box, let’s have a small description of e-commerce history.

Can you remember the birth year of the internet? Yes, in 1991, the internet opened to the public.

However, electronic commerce history started over 40 years ago. In the year of 1969, CompuServe was the first major e-commerce company formed in the United States. Also, Amazon was one of the first eCommerce retail sites in the US that started selling products online.

The above information is not enough if you have a major interest in eCommerce history. Many giants and people were involved in this sector that helped to grow this industry massively.

In the next phase, we would like to share some statistics.

E-commerce Market Statistics

According to the 2020 report, China is the largest country for e-commerce in the world. At the same time, according to the report of Business.com, China is the fastest-growing e-commerce market with an annual growth rate of 35%.

On the other side, the US is the second largest e-commerce market in the world. According to Statista, the USA is projected to hit $476.5 billion by 2024. In 2021, over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online.

Moreover, among others, India is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets recently. According to the Payoneer report, the market is ranked 9th in cross-border growth in the world. The report also says that the e-commerce sector will reach US$99 billion by 2024.

According to Statista, India’s e-commerce market will reach 200 billion US dollars by 2027. Even according to them, Flipkart and Myntra were prominent players in the local market. However, the survey was conducted at the time of Coronavirus lockdown.

Lastly, the global e-commerce market size was valued at USD 9.09 trillion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.7% from 2020 to 2027.

But do you know how many e-commerce sites are there in the market?

Approximately 12 to 24 million e-commerce sites you will find around the globe. And every single day, people are adding more to their online business.

Apart from this info, you will find a list of many interesting facts and statistics that makes this business market more appealing in front of retail buyers. We will cover those later in another article.

According to research from the marketing study firm Zebra, over 70% of businesses will be using the IoT by 2021 to enhance the customer experience. Also, the technology will help you to collect data faster for real-time response.

 It is the end of all the boring but informative phases. Let’s jump to the next section to know some fun facts about e-commerce business.

Fun Facts Of E-commerce And Online Business:

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.”

 – Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

One thing is clear to everyone: that the industry is growing abundantly. You can buy almost everything in just one click. Whether or not you are in your home, your day-end shopping cart won’t be empty.

Interesting facts always inspire us to know more about that sector. Here, we collected a few facts you might not have heard before.

  • The First Pizza In Town:

Pizza Hut offered the first online order for their pizza in 1994. In their 20th Anniversary of World’s First Online Purchase, the chief marketing officer at Pizza Hut, Carrie Walsh, said,

“We want to celebrate the fact that before consumers could buy books, clothes, music or vacation packages via the internet, they could place an online order for a Pizza Hut pizza.”

And they built their first website PizzaNet in 1994. However, the website still there. You can still visit the website but not available for ordering pizza.

  • The GodFather Of Online Shopping

A limited number of people know the name of the GodFather of online shopping. Michael Aldrich was the Godfather of online shopping, invented in 1979. He was an inventor and entrepreneur. He was the man who introduced the world with the technique called e-commerce. 

In one of his interviews with BBC, he told that “What I had done was making shopping functional…any time, any place, anywhere.”

So, back then, anyone can purchase goods with Videotex’s help that was linked with television

  • Say Hi To Mrs Snowball

Who is Mrs. SnowBall? A wizard or an angel?

Unfortunately, she is none of these super fishy women. But she is history. Yes, Mrs. Snowball became the world’s first online shopper in 1984 through Videotex. Using a system created by GodFather, she shopped through her TV remote from the Local Tesco Shop.

  • First Profit After 8 Long Years

Remember Amazon? The first e-commerce website is the largest one till now around the globe. No wonder you must have heard a lot of stories about this e-commerce giant.  

Let me tell you one hardest truth about Amazon.

According to history, Amazon launched in 1995. But unfortunately, they didn’t make any profit for the first seven years. And then finally they saw the sunshine in 2003. Yes, the largest online retailer brand recorded its first yearly profit ad earned $35 million.

For more, read the full report on Amazon’s First Full Year Profit.

  • Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal (the founders of Flipkart) are the youngest Indian billionaires

There are a few numbers of entrepreneurs in India aged under 40. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal are one of them.

These youngest Indian Billionaires are the founder of Flipkart. In 2015, they were in 86th position in Forbes India Rich List and then climbed to 65th position within a year. Moreover, in 2016 they recorded an individual wealth of 1.24 billion each.

  • Half of the online buyers prefer to use their mobile device to purchase from online

Here is the major part that one should not ignore while building an e-commerce website. Half of the online buyers prefer to use their mobile devices to purchase online.

But the question is, why?

Because people can buy anything from anywhere, they live. Even though they are on public transport, they will get the desired basket at the day end. The recent Statista survey showed that approximately 72% of all eCommerce sales worldwide come from mobile devices.

And the number will increase. It is way more convenient than a laptop or a desktop. So, it is high time to check whether your existing site offers the best shopping experience through mobile or not.

Why People Mostly Buy From E-commerce/Online:

People prefer to buy online because it is convenient. You don’t have to leave your place to purchase a small thing, not even from the nearby shop. They can buy whatever they want.

On the other hand, buyers also have an option to do product research before buying. Having travel from store to store, they can do it virtually.

We have conducted a short survey on 100 people, where 80% of them were interested in choosing an online buying facility rather than shopping from a store. Moreover, you can buy and ship products from one place to another easily.

The statement that we got from them is,

“We search for reviews of every product. We also compare price, quality, and customer service along with after-sale service for selected products. And we can do it all online.”

Oh, we forget to mention one more special reason. That is, online buying will save your time. So, it is mandatory to look at the loading speed while building an e-commerce site.  

Final Words:

At present, it is not unbelievable anymore that the e-commerce business has a growing future. By the year 2040, it’s estimated that 95% of all purchases will be through eCommerce.

Therefore, these days, almost 80% of the total population directly purchases goods and services online. Either they prefer to shop from the e-commerce store or the company website. Both are treated as online purchases.

Though the article is all about the e-commerce business’s fun-facts, one should know what happened in the earlier years. Also, this info will inspire you to start yours.


Why DevOps Is Important: What Value Can DevOps Add To Your Business

Why DevOps is important is an overwhelming question. As people have seen, many top-rated global companies are trying out this method.

In a nutshell, DevOps is the junction that allows the developer and operations teams to work together within an outstanding harmony.

From beginning to end, it revolves around the end-to-end engineering phase. That’s how it provides a fully functional solution. Following it will help you find the best quality services in terms of other development and delivery processes.

Thus, DevOps has become a new buzzword throughout the last decade. Its historical journey is indeed revolutionary.

However, this article will give you the reasons why your platform must follow this philosophical doctrine as a whole.

But before this, it would be great if you clarify your basic knowledge of what DevOps is. Or else, you may feel some information hard to understand in this article.

After this, knowing why DevOps is important will make you officially embrace it.

Well, let’s unveil the mystery.

Why DevOps Is Important:

It is a typical scenario in most companies that the developer and operation teams are entirely fictional strangers. They work on the same project with no sync together.

And when a project fails to fulfill the client’s requirements, both teams are unwilling to recognize who is to blame. Such an ironic situation can instantly result in personal collisions and unpleasant problems.

Here comes DevOps’ vital role-playing. It helps to resolve those conflicts and achieve a more productive way to deliver quality services. And so reach ultimate success.

DevOps is the process that initiates the intermixing of segregated people of an institution. We will now describe why this bridge making among the teams is so significant and what benefits it can bring.

Technical Benefits:

Indeed, DevOps can help you magnify your technological developments. So, we are starting with the technical benefits of DevOps.

  1. Enhancing Efficiency With Automation:

In the conventional way of any development work, people have to start creating it from scratch. Following all the steps one by one (such as transitions, upgrades, maintenance, testing, validation, etc.) manually makes the whole process quite lengthy and monotonous.

However, DevOps philosophy, on the other hand, leverages the power of automation. All these processes are automated here, which are carried away manually in many different methods.

Didn’t get the point?

Well, let’s take the application of DevOps in the Financial Trading sector as an example. With the help of automation, 45 second faster deployment is possible now.

These are the same activities that used to take long nights and weekends for the employees previously.

That’s how automating tasks can release some of the members so that they can reflect on something more substantial. It helps enhance efficiency and make their job more exciting.

  1. Improves Speed And Stability Of Software Development And Deployment:

We know that DevOps helps to break the wall between the developer and operation team. On top of that, continuous deployment, testing, and resolving problems has become easier.

So, this process helps to speed up the software and website development process in the IT sector. Developers can identify bugs and provide solution 35% faster.

  1. Greater Competencies:

Thanks to the systematic release planning, accurate automation, and smooth operation. All these make the team more efficient. And higher efficiency essentially accelerates the whole development cycle.

On the whole, these are highly recommended for the substantial competencies and continuous improvement of any business.

For instance, we can take the rocket scientist and data scientist team of NASA working on the project Mars Curiosity Rover. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab wanted real-time analytics on millions of telemetry data points from Curiosity daily.

And, DevOps helped them to quickly develop, analyze, and share their visualizations and algorithms.

  1. Amplify Feedback Loops:

To update and further improve, user feedback is a crucial component. So, to make the necessary correction of a project continually, magnifying the feedback loops is essential.

The feedback loop is the process that collects data and returns information to the source.

DevOps can successfully amplify feedback loops as the environment is designed to detect the problems and solutions faster.

Cultural Benefits:

Now, Other than technical benefits, DevOps have some countable cultural advantages. It can increase the overall well-being of both individuals and the community.

  1. Focus On What Matters Most: Manpower:

DevOps’ cultural insight focuses enormously on upbringing the inner ability of a person to perform better.

The positive vibe that comes out when all the teams work together can significantly energize all team members. A collaborative environment can magically increase the productivity of humans.

  1. Constant Experiment And Learning:

DevOps helps to execute the constant experiment and learning. Through the rapid implementation of instant corrections and revising, it can make it happen in real life.

It also helps to learn from each other and, thus, building strong bonds among co-workers.

  1. Faster Innovations:

Your innovative team is the sword that helps you lead over your market competitors.

The team innovation skill becomes faster as they can now deliver products faster following the DevOps mindset.

  1. Higher Reliability:

DevOps is the ideology that helps you align your development and operations teams. That’s how the reliability of your release processes can improve.

Business Benefits:

DevOps can also accelerate your business outcome. You wonder how?

Hold on. We are now about to hit upon those business benefits.

  1. Entire Business Optimization:

With DevOps, one can optimize his entire business that will soon return him a great deal of efficient development and progress.

A business firm gets more controllable iterations through best practices, automation, and new tools. And DevOps is the concept that is the combination of all these aspects.

  1. Build Stronger Team-engagement:

Maintaining a perfect DevOps environment highly depends on building cross-functional teams rather than the traditional chain-of-command system.

Therefore, it is highly responsive to build more robust team engagement and boost the performance level at a more significant peak.

For instance, Etsy struggled with slow and painful deployment process at its early stage. The company had a lot of siloes and teams. And they weren’t working together well.

But after adopting DevOps, history changed, and wonderful things start to happen. Yes, Etsy now deploys over 60 times per day.

The former VP of Technical Operations Michael Rembetsy says

“A learning culture is a key part of DevOps at Etsy—even a failure can be a success if lessons are learned.”

  1. Continuous Improvement:

DevOps has become an essential mindset for the continuous progress and growth of an organization.

Continues Integration and delivery and continuous deployment (CI/CD) is the key. It is the process that encompasses the constant development in a DevOps-adopted company.

You may ask how.

Well, recurrent revisions of small issues can maximize the offerings of a company. On the other hand, the analog way confines it to a single colossal release occasionally.

  1. Cost Reduction And Speed Delivery:

Adopting DevOps intensify cost minimization by proper automation, utilizing optimal resources, controlling cloud sprawl, etc.

On top of that, it helps to deliver the right products without wasting much time.

So, why shouldn’t we cure this acute head-ache when we have got a superior option? Right?

  1. Customer Satisfaction:

The feedback from your customer is the key-element that mirrors a successful project. And you can only achieve it by understanding and managing customers’ needs to meet their expectations.

Likewise, when people work under DevOps’ shade, their performance becomes transparent, error-free, and smooth.

Thus, organizations can achieve greater customer satisfaction.

Here we can’t help uttering the great quote of Howard Schultz,


“You can’t expect your employees to exceed the expectations of your customers if you don’t exceed the employee’s expectations of management.”

  1. Adjust To The Constant Changing Market Conditions:

We are in a new era of constant change and leadership. Today’s world only welcomes those businesses with a pure accumulation of the 3H (the Head, Heart, and Hands of transformation).

It’s not an easy task, by the way.

Again, DevOps can help to a greater extent to make it possible.

From an apparent outlook, it may seem that maintaining such a culture in an organization needs to meet many challenging issues.

Yet, the war of adjusting to this changing world worth facing all those issues. Here, your inspiration is to protect your business and make it a renowned market-leading name.

Farewell Note:

Increased market competition has highly increased the business holders’ interest in DevOps. And, DevOps, too, proved the worth of adopting it.

As a customer-centric working model, it can positively influence your business’s operations and user experience.

Lastly, after going through the whole blog, we hope you understand why endorsing DevOps in a company is important.


What Is DevOps (Meaning Underneath The Magic Word)

We are not going to make you uncomfortable by asking, “what DevOps is?”. Instead of that, it is wise to ask, have you heard this term before?

Whether the answer is Yes or No, you are going to discover something incredible today.

Imagine you are sitting in a boat in the middle of the river without an oar. If you think it’s an adventurous situation, then let me burst your bubble first. Because within a second, you will get into deep water.

Similarly, in 2020, giants without DevOps is a nightmare. Also, it is the finest choice for small business holders. But have you ever thought about one exact thing?

Why big companies or organizations use DevOps?

Undoubtedly, this blog won’t disappoint you. You will get the answer shortly in our next phases. Perhaps, we are here to open a mystery chest that most people affirm as a technology.

Though it is not an unsolved riddle, relying on a selective definition is also not right. However, all illustrations are correct about DevOps that you have found so far.

But the worst scenario might have happened if you end up with a wrong conclusion. So, to make your journey as flat as a pancake, we designed this blog about DevOps philosophy and its benefits.

What is DevOps?

Though it’s a technical term, we present this article merely so that non-technical souls can understand this philosophy.

However, there is an exciting part. Instead of technology mostly, people count DevOps as a culture or a mindset.

But why?

Don’t worry; we will come to this point later. So, before digging a hole, let us introduce the notion “DevOps” to you.

DevOps is a combination of two words, “Development” and “Operations.” On the other hand, these listed words indicate two respective departments. Moreover, two different teams collaborate to solve communication & priority problems.

Besides, it maintains the best communication pipeline with other units in the organization.

Big-scale websites like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, etc., extensively adopt this culture to increase application and service delivery speed.

According to Microsoft’s Definition,

“DevOps is the union of People, Process, and Products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end customer.”

So, are you planning to build this tool?

Regrettably, it is not a tool that you can build and maintain as programmable infrastructure. Neither it is a programming language, nor can you call yourself a DevOps Engineer.

Then, what should we call?

You can address this as a philosophy or a mindset. Let’s figure out what professional thoughts.

Mystery Trunk of Expertise & Survey Reports: 

“Everyone has the key, it just a matter of using it.”

Each company has a specific entrant that distinguishes itself from others. Technology has expanded. It gives us different choices. To increase their competitiveness, not just large corporations but start-up companies implement DevOps principles.

Besides, it doesn’t mean that only a technical professional can have a DevOps concept. It is not genuinely reasonable to expect. Anyone can have their basket full. However, it is better to have a vague idea than to have zero.

Apart from the periodic statement, expertise also shared their thoughts on different platforms. On the other hand, we have found many cases during our entire research process. In some cases, organizations approach DevOps with a wrong attitude.

Courtney Wang, Sr. Software Engineer at Reddit, describes it as “empowering the developer.”

This year, as every year, Puppet also released a State of DevOps Survey. So, this time, they ran a survey on over 2,400 participants. Moreover, those high evolved organizations are highly product-oriented than others.

Also, the study demonstrates that,

“Highly evolved organizations are 6 times more likely than the least evolved organizations to report high usage of self-service platforms.”

Also, Atlassian & CITE Research published a survey where they found almost 99% of respondents say, “DevOps has had a positive impact on their organization.” 

A public Sector Summit was held in 2018, where AWS Solution Architecture Mr. Asif Khan describes Amazon DevOps culture. According to him, “DevOps is really about shared responsibilities.”

Hopefully, this finding will help you to draw a rough conclusion. Undoubtedly, a journey with DevOps always benefited you and your company.

Evolution of DevOps:

“Currently, DevOps is more like a philosophical movement, not yet a precise collection of practices, descriptive or prescriptive.”

——————————-Gene Kim

Before acquiring a more profound knowledge, it is necessary to figure out how DevOps came into existence.

The concept didn’t come in one day. The journey was simple but revolutionary. Moreover, it took a year to develop and implement in various sectors.

In the year 2008, the new ray of hope was seen by Andrew Clay and Patrick Debois. They wanted to come up with an alteration to overcome the Agile drawbacks.

But it was not the beginning. Then when?

Here comes the mysterious part.

Back in 2003, the multinational technology company Google hired Ben Treynor. He was there to lead the first set of “site reliability engineers” to manage a production environment.

Sadly, the production environment was distinct from the development environment. Furthermore, the final team’s purpose was to run operations without a hitch for their customers. Not only that but also the team was responsible for nailing down a high uptime while working with developers.

A few years later, DevOps become a buzzword after a small gathering. Patrick Debois twitted a shorten word “DevOps” to advertise his conference. It was in the year 2009 when he gave birth to the term “DevOps.”

Do you know why this history matters?

It matters because the method brings an innovative change in both the IT and Operation department. Also, the idea grows from the collaboration of developers and operation leaders. So, it’s a precise solution for you and your organization.

DevOps Engineering That Cover Up Agile Limitations

During our research, we found a great feature. Both DevOps and Agile methodology holds the same purpose.

But why do companies incorporate the DevOps culture?

The answer is as simple as ABC. DevOps is primarily an enhanced culture that allows enterprises to cover up the limitations of Agile. However, it doesn’t mean DevOps will design an effortless playground.

In one article, Jez Humble proposed that “DevOps is a cross-disciplinary community of practice dedicated to the study of building, evolving, and operating rapidly-changing resilient systems at scale.”

One of the key benefits is that an enterprise can put large teams together with the help of DevOps. Where Agile focuses on teamwork between small groups; however, both methodologies have a spitting picture.

Moreover, DevOps focus entirely on constant testing and project execution during the entire development time. On the flip side of the coin, Agile methodology only focuses on continuous changes.

Feedback comes from the end of the customer in the Agile method.  But in DevOps, each input comes from the entire team.

But only these mentioned differences won’t indicate that DevOps is the best practice for any organization. Accept or not, in some cases; Agile also brings success.

Are you ready to hear something impressive? Yes, you got me.

You can use both methodologies together to deliver an impressive outcome. Lastly, the wiser says that without an Agile setup, the mindset cannot be efficient.

The Phases Of DevOps Engineering

You have heard about DevOps Pipeline. It is the most exciting part that we are going to present here.

Eight different phases structure the pipeline. You can break down each phase with proper logic. Moreover, it is useful to break the pipeline into phases to make the task easier. You will be astonished to know that there are no sharp obstacles between each of the pipeline phases.

Without wasting your precious time, let’s jump to the straight point:

  • Planning: This is the first step where developers start to write code.
  • Coding:Start with code development and review using source code management tools, code merging.
  • Building: It is a critical stage where developers build status with continuous integration tools.
  • Testing:Continuous testing tools help team members by providing quick and timely feedback on business risks.
  • Releasing:You can count this phase as a milestone one. It is the point where the team change management, release approvals, and automation.
  • Deploy: The time is here when the team ready to release into production. Several tools are needed here to complete the process.
  • Operation:Now, it’s time for the operation team to ensure everything goes perfectly with zero complication, as the new release in live.
  • Monitoring: Great! The final phase is here—time to monitor the application performance with the end-user experience.

Can I Adopt DevOps Mindset?

Finding people who don’t know the advantages of DevOps is hard. However, we will discuss the importance of this mindset in the next chapter.

Before questing, why let us clarify who can adopt DevOps.

There is no magic recipe that one should follow to adopt DevOps. Any organization can practice this mindset to get the quickest feedback. Additionally, it can be implemented at the individual application.

But it is advisable to execute appropriately to avoid failures.

Why Is This Methodology Important?

Back in 2017, only 74% of global organizations adopted this culture without any second thought. But according to the IDC forecast, the DevOps market will reach by $15 billion worldwide in 2023.

So, it is visible that enterprises are widely using this mindset to limit their business risk.

Now, it is time to give a short note on benefits.

  • The mindset maximizes the enterprise’s efficiency.
  • Faster innovation
  • Entire business optimization
  • Chance to elude the competitor
  • Enhance development efficiency
  • Higher reliability
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Reduce cost

That’s all!

Not really; it just the beginning of this miracle philosophy or culture. To know more, you can read why DevOps is an essential article. That article is designed accordingly to your preference. You can also count that article as an unclouded version.

Even Genie Can’t Save You

“Most great people have achieved their greatest success

just one step beyond their greatest failure.” 

————————Nepoleon Hill

Not only the person but also the quote is applicable for an organization or a team. You can’t expect to get everything into a box.

Before you figure out the reasons behind failure, ask yourself whether you understand the DevOps process or not. It is more than a bridge that makes a knot between two departments.

Many renowned companies have horror failure stories. The destination won’t be pleasant for you if your team has a microscopic knowledge of DevOps.

There are many reasons behind the DevOps mess. But the following are the major.

  • Limited project visions
  • Insufficient knowledge of DevOps
  • Ignore People and process
  • Setting unrealistic goals

Time To Draw A Finishing Line

It is impossible to pile all information in one article. Even we will not try to make it possible for your betterment. The prosperity will punch the clock if you dig a giant hole.

DevOps’ goal is to unify growth and activities and shorter the development cycle with customer satisfaction. It also increases team productivity.

Are you feeling butterflies in your tummy? 

If yes, then take time and give a long tour to complete DevOps’ ins and outs.


12 Top Fitness And Healthcare Websites-2021: UI/UX Analysis

People nowadays are more and more concerned about their fitness and healthcare. We know that worldwide the public awareness rate on health crossed another milestone during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Every day, people are browsing through the internet for quality information and health tips. And as time flows, the demand for authentic and informative health sites has peaked in the Himalayas.

Undoubtedly, physical fitness is the first requisite for Happiness. With this realization, we endeavor to give you a sight of some helpful and top quality websites. We can assure you that these sites will be the best examples if you are about to build a new health website. We will be discussing the UI/UX (user interface and user experience). You can take some notes on the crucial issues for your site.

And if you are just a commoner, it’s ok, no problem. You, too, can hover over them to satisfy your thirst for knowledge and information.

Market Demand for Health Site:

We haven’t overcome the pandemic period yet. As the career opportunity in this crucial time is on the downturn, an informative and helpful website for health can be a good choice for your passive income stream.

According to the US Bureau Of Labor Statistics, “Five out of the 20 industries projected to grow the fastest from 2019 to 2029 are in healthcare and social assistance, the fastest growing industry in the economy.”

However, some more statistics will help you realize the current demand for authentic health-related websites.

Google is a trusted resource for people worldwide to answer health-related questions and find providers. And 5% of all Google searches are health-related.

Search is the preferred way for patients to find healthcare providers online that drives 3x more visitors to hospital sites than non-search.

Hopefully, these statistics are enough to showcase the rising demand for fitness and healthcare sites. Therefore, here, we enlisted the top 12 helpful health-related websites under four different categories.

So, no more intro; please scroll down to know more about them.

Top 3 Sites For General Health Information:

You will get to know about top websites focusing on general health, diseases, and other medical issues in this category.

We have chosen these three sites based on their interface design, ranking, user experience, and popularity.

They are the top-ranked in the World Wide Web realm by serving people with genuine health-related information, various wellness tools, etc. That’s how they have built a huge audience and loyal fan base with their attractive and user-friendly website interface.

So, let’s jump into the main part.


Healthline is an American website founded in 2006 and become a standalone entity within a decade. Here, you will find thousands of articles covering every section of fitness and healthcare-related issues.

Features That Made The Site Unique:

  • User-friendly website interface.
  • Clear and visually rich surface.
  • A to Z glossary with the combination of information of the whole health-related sectors.
  • Way to check any physical symptoms on the symptom checker. It’s an amazing aspect to identify possible causes and treatment.
  • They have an option to explore the human body. You can learn the human body system along with a 3D human body model.
  • Smooth navigation throughout the site.

What Expert Programmer Say About The UI/UX:

After analyzing the whole site, our experts have pointed out some positive as well as negative issues. According to them, fixing the negative issue will enhance the UX of the site.

Here are our expert programmer’s views and opinions:

  • The site has a clean and coherent interface.
  • Another good feature of this site is the smooth speed.
  • The BodyMap feature is also quite impressive. It is very helpful to the medical students as well as for the commoners.
  • However, the Symptom Checker does have some issues which can impact the UX of the site negatively.

To be more specific, a visitor needs to write down everything on the search option or search below to get what he wants. It’s a bit time consuming, and normal people may find it hard to use.

In the meantime, if we compare the symptom checker UX of Healthline and RxList’s symptom checker (we will discuss it below), Rxlist will win. Why?

Well, their symptom checker is more user friendly. A user can hover on the body and select the place where he is experiencing any problem. Then, the checker will automatically show the suggestions on the right side. Quite easy.

So, it will be great if Healthline can make the tool easier for the users.

NIH: National Institute Of Health

NIH is the National Institute of Health’s official site that is a part of the US department of health and human service. It’s working on biochemical and public health research since its very birth.

Features That Make The Site Unique:

Now let’s find out the main features of this site that make it special and ranked as one of the toppers.

  • The search option has a nice speed. It works more like a search engine to find out every relevant information based on the search keyword.
  • It contains easy, accessible information and many more regarding fitness and health awareness.
  • There are lots of individual contact info based on the disease category, which is quite helpful.
  • Other than different wellness toolkits, it will provide you with many helpful resources to help people live a healthy life.

Expert Analysis On The UI/UX Of The Site:

We are now about to discover our Experts’ opinion about this site:

  • The navigation sleekness of the site is quite good.
  • However, as for the UI of this site, it may seem a bit unorganized. Users may have to roam around here and there to reach their destination topic. But it’s considerable as it is an informative site. After all most gov. site has this kind of UI and also, the user experience is a bit low.

However, if they enhance the UX of the site, it will surely attract more visitors’ attention.


WebMD is another top-ranked site enriched with A to Z valuable health information. According to Wikipedia,

“During March 2020, WebMD’s network of websites reached more unique visitors each month than any other leading private or government healthcare website, making it the leading health publisher in the United States.”

Unique Features Of This Site:

Indeed, this site is a good source for you to get accurate and quality information. But what are the features that make it so outstanding?

Let’s find out:

  • Besides various health-related blogs, there is also info regarding any drugs or supplements to know more about its side effects and other issues.
  • A user can also check if he/she is experiencing any bodily issues in the symptom checker. You can even put multiple symptoms.
  • Moreover, this site contains tools like the Food calorie calculator, etc. These tools are pretty interesting and helpful for the users and help the site attracting more visitors.
  • On the other hand, WebMD has some other apps for a more convenient user experience.

Expert Analysis On The UI/UX Of The Site:

Now Let’s see what our experts think about the site:

Though the site is informative, the home page header and body section still need some more polishes to enrich the UI.

Otherwise, everything is good and remarkable.

3 Helpful Sites About Drugs And Medication Information:

In this section, we will cover 3 Helpful Drugs and Medication sites. All these are globally acknowledged for medicine and drug information by thousands of healthcare professionals and consumers.


Drugs.com is a private online pharmaceutical encyclopedia that is now two decades old. It is famous, especially in the United States, for resourceful information on various drugs and medicine types.

Top Features That Enriched Its Ui/Ux:

  • As soon as you reach the site, a clear and transparent interface will welcome you to search for the drug you want to know.
  • The search option has regular speed. Visitors can browse by the first letter of any drug name. In short, you can find any drugs from the “Drugs A-Z” section.
  • Next, the drug side effects section is quite organized and informative.

Expert Analysis On The UI/UX Of The Site:

Drugs.com website is promised to give authentic information about drugs and medicines to the users. Therefore, they follow their motto “Know more. Be Sure” very rigidly from the very beginning.

So, let’s see what our experts find out about the site:

  • This site has good speed and searches quality. Especially the advance search option.
  • The interaction checker tool is helpful and unique.
  • However, the header and footer portions are organized and clean. In comparison, the body section needs to be a bit more organized.
  • Overall design improvement of the site will enhance the site UX/UI quality.


RxList is another dominant medical resource established in 1995. And since 2004, the site is owned and operated by WebMD. Expert pharmacists and physicians continuously update the site with well research articles and data. Their goal is to ensure accurate, transparent, and helpful information.

Why It’s Considered As A Top Site:

Now, we are about to disclose the features of the site that makes it so popular worldwide.

  • You will find an alphabetic listing of drug names on the top of the site interface.
  • There are also sections, namely Pill Identifiers, Supplements, Symptom Checker, Diseases, Dictionary, helpful tools, and media. They organized every section appreciably.
  • The most attractive tool of this site is the “Drug Interaction Checker.” One can put as many medicine names as he wants and check if they have any interaction that prevents the drugs from performing as expected. Amazing.

What Expert Programmer Say About The UI/UX Of Rxlist:

Let’s jump into the main part without any more words:

  • RxList did a great job with the symptom checker tool. It’s quite easy to use. However, on the common symptom section and glossary, if they add a short description of the disease, it would increase the user flexibility.
  • However, if there is a minimizing option for each section on the drug search option, the user might not have to scroll up and down to reach their destination.
  • The medical and health slideshow is also a good feature of this site.


The Electronic Medicines Compendium (EMC) is a top-class website containing updated, authentic information about medicines in the UK. It has more than 14,000 documents, all of which have been checked and approved by either the UK or European government agencies.

Top Features Of The Website:

  • Clean interface and easy navigation on the site.
  • No complexity of the design.
  • Quality information regarding drugs and medicines.
  • The smooth speed and outstanding functionality.

Expert Opinions About The Site Quality:

About the quality of this site, our expert team has no complaints. Let’s find out where is the problem then?

  • The functionality of this site is even better than Drugs.com.
  • Especially, the search option and search speed are good.
  • Though this site’s functionality is very impressive, the overall site design can be a bit better. Design improvement will greatly enhance the site UI.

Top 3 Sites On Children Health

All three websites of this section are about child health and parenting. The sites’ contents will help you greatly to bring out the potentials of your child.


It is the top-ranked child health website. After realizing the importance of information about pregnancy and parenting on the internet, Matt Glickman and Mark Selcow founded Babycenter.com in 1997.

Top Features Of This Site:

  • This site is well known for representing conception, pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, and growth in early childhood related information.
  • Moreover, 3D animated videos showcasing a baby’s development in utero have positively influenced the site UI/UX.
  • This site also has some other helpful toolkits for you, such as Ovulation Calculator, Due Date Calculator, etc. All these tools are very easy to use yet very informative.

Expert’s Opinion:

According to our expert panel,

“Babycenter did a great job with the user interface as well as the user experience. It worths thousands of applauses not only for it’s quality information and smooth speed, but also for the nice visual appeal.”

The “pregnency week by week” part on the home page is incredible. It enhances the site UI to a greater extent.

Moreover, all the apps they provide are quite helpful and interesting. So, a huge thumbs app to the team Babycenter.


KidsHealth is a popular website that provides information about children’s health and development from birth to adulthood.

This site is sponsored by a nonprofit organization named The Nemours Foundation. Around 850,000 people visit this site every week, browsing on different sections for children, teenagers, and parents.

Top Features That Make The Site Popular:

The following features helped the site rank among the other child health-related sites:

  • This website has four main sections, including many subsections. All these contain beneficiary information regarding general health, growth and development, Disease and Conditions, and so forth.
  • It contains visually appealing, informative videos explaining various topics.
  • Another section, “For Educator,” will bring users to a page called “KidsHealth in the classroom.” The interface of which a bit messy.

Expert’s Opinion About The Site’s UI And UX:

Kidshealth website is quite simple looking and doesn’t have any complexity in design. Information is organized very simply.

Yet, to enhance the site’s UI/UX, our expert suggested an overall design improvement. Especially, “Kidshealth in the classroom section.” It will increase the flexibility of the site.


Parents.com is an online representation of the famous magazine “Parents” published by Meredith Corporation.

This site gained the 3rd position in the children’s health category. As a top-ranked site, it’s obvious that they firmly maintained the information accuracy and transparency.

Best Feature Of The Website:

Let’s point out the features of the site which helped it to achieve the honorable position.

  • The site is quite organized and has a clean interface.
  • It features various scientific information related to child development, safety, and education to help parents raising their children.
  • And, the page loading speed is regular.

Views Of Our Expert Panel About The Site:

This site is a bit different from the previous two. Unlike the previous two, it didn’t include A to Z information about the niche. It is only representing different blogs and articles on various random topics.

And, the blog and articles showcasing pages can be a bit more organized.

So, it will be great if they broaden the information catalog and the UI of the site.

World’s Top 3 Hospital Websites:

Now, it’s time to discover how the world’s top hospitals arranged their online existence. Here, we cover the top 3 Hospital websites that you can consider as the best examples for your website.

Mayo Clinic

Now we are talking about the world’s top-ranked medical service provider. Mayo Clinic was founded back in 1864, about 157 years ago.

It’s a nonprofit American academic medical center focused on integrated fitness and healthcare, education, and research.

Features That Make Their Website Top Ranked:

Mayo is not only best for their medical service, but their website is also the top-ranked one. Great, right?

Let’s see what makes their site so appreciable:

  • Clean and organized website interface.
  • There is an orderly arrangement of quality information.
  • It has individual sections for general visitors, professionals, and students. The simple, straight-forward navigation at the top of the home page greatly enhances the website’s usability.
  • Fast and smooth search option.

Expert’s Remark About The Site UI/UX:

  • The site contains tons of information not only about the hospital but also many other aspects.
  • Their subtle explanation of articles made the site user friendly.
  • About the user interface, the home page is good. But other pages can have some retouch as everything is showing in the middle of the page.
  • However, their site speed is quite smooth. And overall, we must say it deserves the rank.

Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland is the second position holder in the world’s medical field. They are well-known for technological management systems.

Features Of Cleveland Website:

Mayo is not only best for their medical service, but their website is also the top-ranked one. Great, right?

Let’s see what makes their site so appreciable:

  • Clean and organized website interface.
  • There is quality information about diseases & conditions, drugs & supplements, symptom & test procedures, etc.
  • It has individual sections for general visitors, professionals, and students.
  • The simple, straight-forward navigation at the top of the home page greatly enhances the website’s usability.
  • The search option is quite good, even better than the previous one. A user only needs to type some character of a disease name, and there will instantly appear tons of suggestion articles.

Expert’s Note About The Site UI/UX:

Well, our expert team highly appreciated the site. Everything about the site is quite rich and admirable.

However, some retouch on the overall site design might be helpful to attract more visitors.

Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital (Mass General or MGH) is the largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. They are well-known for medical services and treatment.

However, it ranked in the 3rd position in the world’s top hospital list.

Now, let’s

jump into their website to see how they organized it.

Top Features Of The Site:

  • Mass General’s website has a clean and organized header and footer section.
  • It contains information about health and diseases. Also, there are some question sections on the individual conditions, which users may find helpful to ask their doctors.
  • The site speed is quite splendid.

Expert’s Analysis On The Site Performance:

Despite having some cool features, our expert has pointed out some major issues that the authority should consider:

  •  The body portion of the home page of the site is a bit disordered. They can work on the site design to make it more appealing to the users.
  • On the search option, a suggestion list would add flexibility to the users.
  • Our expert team recommends an overall design improvement to add more competence.

Words To Conclude

A person with good physical and mental health is more likely to have body organs functioning at their peaks. And to reach the state of complete well-being, one needs to have clear knowledge.

As health awareness is growing in people worldwide, it’s high time to outline your website.

Hope the article will help you get the resources to get a clear idea for your new website building. As well as the common reader will get enough info to enrich their insight and views about health.


How To Build An E-commerce Empire? Top 10 Benefits Of E-commerce Website

Would you like to build an e-commerce empire? Are you looking for the key to success? Then, there is no doubt you are in the right place. Online selling opportunity helped many businesses to earn more money and popularity.

Also, it the best way to grow your business by following the latest trends. But not everyone will enjoy the sweetest topping. It preserves for those who exactly know what to do and when.

We designed this article with the top ten benefits that one will get after owning an e-commerce website. However, running an e-commerce business still requires a lot of planning and works. Once you have got your product idea, pick the right strategy to design the framework.

Money? It will come under your pillow automatically. A wiser saying that

“Ecommerce isn’t the cherry on the cake, it’s the new cake”

—————— Jean Paul Ago CEO L’Oreal

What E-commerce Website Is? 

It is the most basic phase to start this article. According to our research, most business owners are still unaware of the basic concept of the e-commerce website. But we are not going to give you an educational tutorial here. We will only make sure that you can pull your knowledge slightly up by reading this phase.

You may have heard about the name of Magento. If yes, then hold your thoughts for a while. Let us share an excellent quote with you that delivered by the CEO of Magento.

“We’ve been very frustrated with the state of open-source eCommerce.”

we knew it could be done better.”

——————– Roy Rubin

For your understanding, Magento is an e-commerce platform that empowers thousands of entrepreneur, retailers, and brands with so many flexible business opportunities. It is an open-source technology that offers powerful plug-ins and themes. Globally, more than 190K websites are powered by Magento platform.

Ok, now move to our earlier point, which was our primary concentration. According to the basic definition, an e-commerce website is a platform that allows clients to buy and sell products and services over an electronic medium.

But if you are looking for a vast, then the below definition will show you the exact light you are looking for. According to another Giant Shopify,

“Ecommerce, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and transferring money and data to execute these transactions”.

In 1994, a person made the first online transaction by buying a pizza. In that time, it was a dream for many brands to shift their business on a new platform. And now, the platform is open for all of us to showcase our brands. Truly, the business has transformed the way we shop today.

Which Type Will Go With My Business? 

So, you have successfully overcome the learning phase. Now, its time figure out which e-commerce type will go with your business. For your convenience, let me inform you that there are four types of e-commerce models available.

You can label each type differently depends on the functionality.

However, no matter which type goes with your business, every transaction will occur between two parties: consumers and business.

Let’s have a look at four E-commerce models:

  • B2B (Business to Business)
  • B2C (Business to Consumer)
  • C2C (Consumer To Consumer)
  • C2B (Consumer to Business)

As we mentioned earlier, each model signifies unique attributes. So, picking any of them won’t serve your exact needs. And, our professional team are here for helping you to know the score. We will analyze your business ins and outs, target audience, goals, etc., to suggest the right module.

So, please write to us your untold business story and your pain before your competitor does it.

How To Build An E-commerce Empire?

Building an empire takes a lot of time and effort. There is a saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” So, every entrepreneur needs to push themselves harder to create great things.

But here comes the hardest part.

Yes, we are talking about research and evolution. The research work should be precise to bite the yummiest piece of the pie. You must conduct research exhaustively on the consumer and market demands.

Additionally, you have to walk across specific steps to get the finish line. Steps are many. But the primary stages will be the same for every business owner. The process starts by deciding the product or service that matches your vision. However, set the goal wisely before diving into the vast world.

After having the starter, it’s time to choose the main course. You can have a look at this checklist before starting your first e-commerce business online.

Lastly, it is recommended to choose the right e-commerce platform and development company to create interactive and user-friendly online stores. Along with Magento and Shopify, many experienced development platforms there that will suit your business needs.

Furthermore, you will also get professional help from Ascii System where the team deals with many projects using the diverse framework.

E-commerce Still Has Customer To Win (Statistics): 

The recent report of Statista shows that the UK is one of the most advanced e-commerce markets in the world. E-commerce is mainly doing well in densely populated and developed markets like the UK, Japan, US, Germany, etc. The market penetration rate is almost starting from 74% to 84%.

On the other hand, the retail sales on the internet in China already makes up more than 50% where the other countries are still struggling to break the line of 30%.

Though the market is growing steadily, the experts predict that retail e-commerce sales will reach 22% by 2023.

Here are some significant figures:

  • The mobile e-commerce retail sales expected to reach $3.5 trillion by 2021.
  • In 2017, almost 42% of online shoppers preferred to pay with a credit card.
  • Around 30% of digital buyers are Millennials.
  • Approximately 28% of buyers avoid to checkout for unexpected shipping cost.
  • To make the purchase decision, 55% of shoppers find online reviews important.

So, you can happily enjoy having an e-commerce site to sell your products and services to the end-users. The business type won’t be faded away sooner or later. Rather, it will become the most popular online activities worldwide.

Profitability To Have An E-commerce Website: 

The internet is a powerful platform from where you can gather information regarding the e-commerce website. Millions of people are there who are searching for the benefits of owning an interactive e-commerce platform.

Additionally, the platform also gives your customers reasons to stay on your site. More interestingly, one will get almost all things under one roof if you have a multi-vendor website. However, it depends on the category of your business.

The below advantages will help you to determine if starting an online business is right for you. On the other hand, customers can visit your virtual shop at any time.

  1. Easy To Overcome The Geographical Boundary: Yes, you heard us right. An e-commerce website has no limit to grab customers until unless you have an oversea delivery issue. Anyone can order from anywhere at any time, which is impossible in a physical store. Furthermore, you don’t need to present at your place to sell your goods and services physically. On the other hand, customers need to have a super-fast internet connection to place selected order.
  2. Spread Wings To Expand Your Business:Your business will get wings after having a vast platform like e-commerce. You can focus on spreading the business globally along with the local market. It is necessary to get fame from the local market, though, and it will get an extra boost if it becomes popular globally. The journey of becoming a Brand starts here.
  3. Low Cost To Operate:The business operation cost is way more minimal then maintaining a physical store. Here, your employee can do remote work. Even, you can hire employee according to your business needs.
  4. Count Money At The Midnight: Isn’t it amazing to count money at midnight? Yes, E-commerce will help you to make potential money 24/7. Moreover, you don’t have to hire an employee for serving customers at night. Automate your ordering system so that your potential buyers get confirmation after placing a successful order.
  5. Access To The Customer Data Easily:You whether count or not, targeting the right customer is a need for a business. Here, the e-commerce business will craft your task precisely. You can access to the customer data easily. More importantly, it will help your marketing team to understand their needs and preference. Moreover, you can get your customer’s name, mailing address, email address, and phone number in eCommerce. You know what to do now, ahh! Yes, these data will open a different window to build a good relationship with your customer.
  6. Grab The Best Facility Like Dropshipping:Do you like to introduce your business out of the local market? The best way is to dropship like AliExpress. You can discover your buyers from any corner of the globe, whether in the UK or Siberia.  Dropshipping allows you to price and ship your products competitively to a worldwide audience. Moreover, it will be easy for your team to handle a high number of orders. So, no waiting time, no extra headache.
  7. Get New Customers:Do you want more customers for a business? You can bring traffic to your business through Search Engine. So, look you are enjoying the best feature by adopting an eCommerce business. Not only the Search Engine, but social platforms are also open their path. Customer will walk through that lawn to introduce with you.
  8. Easy To Locate Products:After opening an e-commerce site, you will get various products decorated in different categories and sub-categories. Customer can pick from the drop-down menu or can search to find their desire products. No need to run here and there to fill your shopping basket. Open the site, take your list, search the name, and through these to the shopping cart.
  9. Easy To Rebrand Your Products:Are you thinking to rebrand? Now it is convenient for you. Not even the single product, you can also rebrand your e-commerce store by changing the logo or colors. It is the best way to level up business trust in front of your customer.
  10. Better Customer Support:We have mentioned earlier that you don’t need to set a person to serve customers at midnight. Automation will save you time and effort. Moreover, now educating customers is easier than before. A single video will solve their problems. More than 90% of customers looking for some common questions. Gather all the question in one place and try to solve those. So, less concentration on mobile and more on generating sales.

If you think that these all benefit you will get to have an e-commerce website, let me pop the balloon first. There are many more advantages to owning an e-commerce store. Those won’t fit in one article so; we pictured a few those are the major ones.

Compared to other offline businesses, having an online store is more cost-effective. It also reduces the travel time and cost of customers. Furthermore, a client can have the benefit of multiple payment methods. So, an e-commerce website or store is beneficial for both parties: customers and owners.

Are you convinced yet that you should sell online? If you are, reach us for more resources that will help you to get started.


How does having a website can help your business

Have you ever thought of making a website that pushes your business virtually? Sadly,  a small group of people will deny as they don’t see any value in having one.

Even more importantly, the updated statistics from small business websites show that around 34% of miniature business owners do not have a website. On the other hand, 58% of people are planning to build after knowing the benefits.

Let’s play a mind game.

Remember the name of the shop from where you bought the first smartphone. You can easily recall the purchasing time, but 60% of people don’t memorize the shop’s name.

But you are familiar with the best smartphone brand. And this brand recognition directly came with the help of a website. If you have patience, please read until just before finding out how a website will help expand a business.

As you are in the right place to find out how important it is to have a website, let me share with you the reason in the first place.

Why Do You Need A Website?

A website is a virtual shop. You can showcase products and services with a detailed description that helps your customer make a spontaneous decision.

However, offline shop owners may not understand the concept of online shopping, but they can’t ignore the growing craziness. Also, a professionally designed website will help to differentiate your brand from others.

“Business has only two functions, marketing, and innovation.”

————–Milan Kundra

The mentioned quotation deeply inspire me when I want to connect with readers through my website. At this point, allow me to share a scenario with you.

Ms.Amelia has an offline craft shop. The shop is famous for its quality items. Unfortunately, the most prominent supporters are working women who mostly like purchasing stuff online.

Now come to the best part.

Yet somehow, she notices that the competitors are increasing their sales without opening the shutter at the right time. Before it’s too late, let’s explain how.

How To Increase Sales Using Website: 

Every successful business needs a website. A website is a powerful marketing tool that helps your customer to make a quick decision. Moreover, it allows you to expand your business by breaking geographical barriers.

Do you remember Amelia, who owns a craft shop? Even though she had a prospective customer’s lineup, she could not reach the other side of the fence.

But, with the help of a well-maintained website, her competitors are mushrooming their business from zero. As the online store open 24/7, customers can place their orders even on holidays. Because an online-based site never closes shop.

Before jumping to the benefits, look at what features a website must have that deliver a professional outlook.

  • Well-designed
  • User-friendly
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy navigation
  • Social media integration

Along with these features, there are several others to ensure a positive experience for your customer.

What Benefits A Website Will Deliver:

After knowing the cause, Amelia wants to open a website that better than her competitors. In this era, it is essential to mention that you need a website, no matter its industry.

Like Amelia, many of them are looking for some remarkable benefits to think of having a website. So, here are these:

  1. Dealing with new customers: As the website will allow o cross the geographical boundary, you will have time to deal with new customers. Moreover, existing shoppers can also notify their dearest one about your online presence. 
  1. Hey, I am Here: A study shows that over 30% of people don’t consider a business without a website. They believe that a professional company must have a website, including social media. Over 90% of people prefer to shop online rather than pick up anything under the sun. 
  2. The clock is yours: Apart from the global boundary, a website helps you attract local customers. They will easily find your business 24/7 on the internet, which increases your virtual identity. The best part is that you can enjoy your holidays without closing your shop’s shutter. 
  3. Share your story: You can educate your customer by both sharing your stories and hearing their pains. Customers will happily share their thoughts with you if you give them a shoulder to cry. 
  4. Promote your business: Hoping the craft lady is still in your brain. She used to promote her offline business through print media and leaflets. Though it’s a traditional form, most of the companies still hold the same methods. However, it cost more money than a virtual brochure or online marketing. 
  5. Keep tracking the buyer persona: Buyer persona is a primary element; a business holder should keep track. You will get valuable insights regarding your clients that help you make strategies. Also, it is possible to arbitrate the performance and effectiveness of your business. 
  6. The product or service they dream about: A website will increase your business convenience factors. Customers will get a product or service that they may dream about for ages. Unfortunately, they don’t have time to step into a physical store to pick. You can quickly grab those potential clients just by having those products on your website. 
  7. Say never goodbye: Shifting your business to a new place won’t be your headache anymore. Your customers can still find you just browsing your URL in the global search box. 
  8. Connect with you from Mars: You don’t have to be physically present to talk with your valued customers. Customers receive all the information directly from the website. They can also fill out a form online for any additional details. 

Did We Leave Anything Behind?

More or less, we covered all the significant benefits of a website. A website doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive; you just need to have one that exists. You will be the loser at the end of the journey, as other businesses are doing better than yours.

It is never too late to give up. Still, you can join the race. No one wants to be like Amelia. It cost just pennies, so choose us or anyone from the Top App Development Companies list.


Web Design vs. Web Development- what’s the difference?

There is an ongoing debate on web design vs. web development as a career.

And it doesn’t seem like to be ending anytime soon. At least, not with people who don’t get the difference between web design and web development.

Even I knew nothing before I took my first CS class. And most people are on the same boat as me.

To them, it’s the same thing. And that can be a problem when you’re trying to plan your career. You can start in the wrong place just because you didn’t know any better.

And it’s not a problem for the professionals alone.

Those who are looking to hire them also need to know set them apart. Otherwise, people might hire the wrong expert for the job.

So, today, I will show you how they are different from each other.

Just bear with me a bit more to find the answer.

Web Design vs. Web Development- is there any difference?

The best way to describe web design vs. web development is that they are the fruit of the same tree.

Let me explain.

When you look at an orange, its vivid color that makes you crave it. But it’s the juice inside that fills the thirst.

So on a website, web design is similar to the outer layer of the fruit. It’s the thing that attracts you.

Where else, web development is the juice that keeps you on it. That’s the simplest way to define them.

But if it’s still hard for you to comprehend the web design and web development difference, then let’s get deep into each of them.

Web design: The art of telling the tale

Aesthetics matter.

People love to look at things that seem attractive. That’s what a web design company do. They help you to build a website that pleases the eye.

So, web design is working with the visual sides of things.

And the one who is in charge of such work is a web designer.

They are the ones to build a structure for the website. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

They can’t just design some appealing layout for a website and say their jobs done. If it was that simple, anyone could do it.

A web designer isn’t just building a website for a business. It’s helping to create one. So, he has to represent the brand with the design.

They have to conceptualize the idea and portray it. Otherwise, it’s worthless.

Why is a web designer crucial?

While talking about web design vs. web Development, people always seem to downplay the role of a designer.

And if you think the same, then you’ve got this wrong.

They play both equal parts to create a successful website.

Though, the person in charge of web design has to take the vision of the brand and mimic it on the site. And that’s where the job responsibility of a designer can be a little tricky than his counterpart.

That’s because he only gets an idea to work with, and that’s it.

Now, it’s all on him to conceive a modern and usable design that draws in people. If it looks great but feels awful to navigate, that’s a blunder. If it’s the other way around, that’s no good too.

So, a lot is riding on the web design part to a website’s success.

Web design challenges:

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, they have to take the vision and turn it into reality.

But they only get writing on a paper that the client wants to have. From there, it’s all on them.

So, they have to plan it out everything like:

  • What will be the layout?
  • What will the color scheme be?
  • And even what font should they use?

That’s because even the smallest of changes can make a big difference. The right things would help create the brand a positive impact on the audience.

And you don’t get a lot of time with the audience. 0.05 seconds is all you have. And 94% of them make their opinions on a brand based on the design within those seconds. So, web design is what makes or breaks the game.

Plus, the trends in design are always changing; thus, the web designer needs to be evolving with time to be relevant.

The role of a web designer:

The web design vs. web development predicament will carry on if you don’t understand what you need to do.

And to be on the right track, you need to know your role.

So, let’s take a quick peek at the duty of a designer.

  • The first thing is obviously to conceptualize the idea and create a base using it. Web design requires creativity. If you lack it, then it’s hard to make strides in the field.
  • Branding the website is a crucial part of the job. Brand’s online identity depends on the work you do. So, you’ve to create a visual story for the brand through your craft. 73% of brands use the design to distinguish from the competition.
  • Keeping up with trends is essential in this field. The thing is coding technologies don’t develop fast. They stay the same for some time. But design is fluid, and the changes happen fast. So, you need to keep up with trends.
  • The design needs to be consistent throughout the website. It needs to be gentle on the eyes and easy to navigate. But most importantly, it needs to be responsive. The design needs to support all screen sizes. And it’s a sure way to increase sales as a report confirms 62% of companies enjoyed a boost in sales thanks to it.

These are some of the critical aspects that a web designer has to deal with day in day out.

Web design- skills & tools:

You know what role you have to play. But to carry out the task, you need to have specific skills.

And to sharpen those particular skills as a web designer, you would need to work with several tools. So, that’s what I will be talking about in this section.

Essential tools: The job is designing. So, you need to have a good sense of it. It’s the skill required. And to display the talent on a website, you need some necessary designing tools.

In this case:

Photoshop and Illustrator.

These are the ideal tools to bring your ideas to life on the canvas.

Programming: It is a question that most people have. Do a web designer need to know how to code. And the answer is yes and no at the same time.

Why so?

A web designer doesn’t need to be an expert in programming to do his job. But knowing basic things like HTML & CSS can help him to design a better layout for the website. That’s because he will then understand how the web development team will use his work. Otherwise, his work will get lost in translation in the development phase.

Types of a web designer:

Now, there are branches of a web designer. There are two to be exact. You might have heard about the UX/UI designer.

So, what each of them does, let’s find it out.

UX: No matter what you say, people judge a book by its cover. And studies confirm this claim, as 75% of people make their mind on a website by its looks.

UX stands for user experience.

So, the job of a UX designer is to create an experience. He establishes the cover that makes people buy the book. In this case, the layout of the site that reels in people and keep them stay.

For that, they need to know the audience and create an enjoyable journey for them.

UI: The UX team gets the visitors hooked to the website. But it’s the job of the UI designer to keep them using it.

UI is the user interface.

It’s the way people interact with a system.

So, the UI team’s job is to help you interact with the site. Now, why it matters?

Let’s say you’ve got a car and a plane-side by side. And you don’t know how to drive or fly. But if you take a shot, which one you have a better chance to ride.

Of course, the car. Its dashboard is more straightforward than a plane. So, you have a better chance to figure it out.

UI for a website is quite like that. UI helps it quickly navigate and interact.

But there is a third kind: the visual designers.

And what they are is a mixed bag. In simple words, they are master of both UX/UI design.

Web development: The art of making the story work

In the web design vs. web development saga, it’s time for the next installment:

Web development.

Now, you can make a website look like a million bucks with a design. But it still needs to be developed.

So, what is the difference between web design and web development while building a website? Simple, web designing is like creating the body of a car. Meanwhile, web development is producing the engine of the vehicle that lets it run.

So, it puts life in the car.

And that’s what web development is all about, giving life to your website. A good looking website is of no use if it’s not working. It needs to function.

Web development is where you bring it to life for others to use.

Why is a web developer crucial?

The web designer helps to create a brand image with his design. He forms the patterns, the flows, and everything intricate to make it work.

But a developer is the guy who helps those designs to get painted on the website.

So, everything planned gets executed by the development team. And if a developer can’t follow it up as proposed, then the website won’t turn out to be a smashing hit.

That shows the importance of a web developer.

Web development challenges?

The biggest challenge in web development is to make a web designer’s idea work.

They need to make sure if the concept can become a reality. That’s because you can mock-up designs and tell how something should work. But there needs to be the technology available to make it possible.

And to be honest, it’s not always the case.

Sometimes, the design doesn’t work with the functionality. And the developer needs to make the big call.

So, keeping both parties on the same page is part of the job.

The role of a web developer:

You’ve got to know the part of a web designer. So, it’s time to know about the other guy’s work.

  • The first job is to build an actual interface for the site. You take the design and create it for people to see and interact.
  • The model then needs to become dynamic. So, it is fast and responsive throughout devices.
  • They have to work on the backend side with databases and servers.
  • Get requirements and make changes to adopt the best possible technology.

These are some of the few things a web developer needs to indulge himself in. He has other responsibilities too. But these are the basic things one needs to know about a developer’s role.

Web development- skills & tools:

The main skill for a web developer is obviously to be good with the technologies.

He needs to be well-versed with the tech. But it’s more important to be a problem solver. When you’re trying to adopt different technologies to a website, there will be many difficulties. So, finding solutions to the issues is the job.

Now, development is all about coding. And for that, you need a variety of tools.

Let’s reveal the basic things one by one that every developer needs to work with:

IDE: IDE stands for the integrated development environment. It is where you write the codes for the website and apps.

For example:

  • Atom
  • Visual Studio

Version control platform: It’s where you store your source code. So, it’s like a database. And it’s quite helpful as you can keep all versions of the code right here. So, if you need to go back to an earlier version, you can do that. Also, while working on projects as a team, it lets you share the code with other members on the crew. GitHub is a version control platform of such.

Browser developer tools: The dev tool on the browsers, enables you to make changes while on being on the browser. This way, you can make quick changes to the look of your website and find out which design looks excellent and which helps to speed up the loading speed.

Besides them, the developers had other tools to learn, like hosting, CMS, testing tools. So, there is a lot of technologies they need to learn and the tools they need to know to handle.

Types of Web developer:

So, web design vs. web development is an entirely different ballgame.

And each team has its players playing in different positions. For the web development team, there are three to be precise.

Front-end developer: The guy who takes the vision of the designer and makes his concept exist is a front-end designer.

The work they do is what people can see. They create interfaces. So, without them, there is nothing to look at on the site.

Now, front-end developers mainly work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Backend developer: They are the builders. They create the foundation on which the website stands.

The work of a backend developer isn’t as apparent as the front-end. But they create the functionalities that bring the site to life. They let us interact with the website.

For instance, the forms you fill in to create an account are the work of a backend developer. So, the programming expertise they require is much more complicated.

Usually, backend devs need to work with PHP, ASP.NET, SQL, or MySQL.

Full-stack developer: The most coveted role in the dev team is the full-stack.

And as the name suggests, it requires you to have an all-round knowledge.

So, you’ve got to be good with the design and also with the tech. That’s because you require to work on both the front and backend of a website.

A Full-stack developer is often the guy who is in charge of a project thanks to his expertise.

Web design vs. Web development Myths:

The biggest challenge for beginners is to pick a side in the Web design vs. Web development debate.

That’s because of the myths that have been around for years. People get confused about the team they should join because of the tales.

So, I thought why not clear the doubts for those who need it.

Developers make the big bucks:

As I’ve stated earlier, people downplay the role of the designer. They think all the work gets done by the developers. So, no doubt, they are going to get paid more.

But that’s wrong. Yes, the average salary of the developer is higher than a designer. But if you take a specific role like a user Experience designer, the wages are on the same scale.

Unless you’re a full-stack dev, who is on top of the food chain.

Designing is easy to learn:

The same story again and again. People think it’s easy to become a designer. And it requires a lot of hard work to become a developer. But it’s subjective. It all depends on how you perceive it.

So, for instance, if you think becoming a developer is easy, then it is the truth for you.

If you feel the other way around, suddenly, that’s become your reality. But all things said and done, it also depends on your pluses on minuses.

If you don’t have the creative bone on your body, you will find it hard to make your way as a web designer. And if you lack logical reasoning, then you won’t be a good fit for the other team.

No need to code:

This myth is about web designers. People believe they don’t need to code. And that’s not entirely true.

A web designer needs to have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. They can create a prototype for the developers and the client to make the task easy.

And those who can do so brilliantly with advance like JavaScript are more in demand. That’s because they do most of the work in the front-end. So, developers only have to worry about the backend of the site.

Either way, designers need to know some coding to do a better job.

Web design vs. Web development- FAQ:

So, we’ve busted the myths. Now, its time to dive into some other burning questions.

How’s the portfolio should be?

They both have their specific platform to showcase their skills and past work. For a developer, Github is the best place to display his coding skills.

The same doesn’t work for the designer. For him, the best way to showcase his talent is through platforms that solely display designs. So, Dribble or Behance would be the place to keep his work.

How much money is in the game?

I’ve touched the subject before. But people are interested in the figures. So, let’s discuss it.

The average salary of a web designer is around $66,000. The developer said to be making about $87,000. But as I’ve mentioned before, working in a specific design field pays you about the same or even more.

Do I need to be imaginative or logical to shine in a particular area?

Now, it depends. If you have the imagination, then designing would come to you as second nature.

The same way, if you are good with logics, this will give you an upper hand as a developer.

But all things said, in no way, that determines what you can become.   In the end, it depends on what you like to do the most. And with time spent on the thing you love, you can become good at it.

Can you become both?

Yes. But these are rare breeds. However, if you can work hard and learn the skills required, you can become a web designer/developer.


It’s time for the big question: Web Designer vs. Web Developer, what should you become?

And the answer is straightforward: Do the thing you love.

If you love to work with the visual side of things, then web design is the right track for you.

But if you’re more into the coding side of things, development might suit you better.

Either way, remember that they are two sides of the same coin. And one without the other is of no good.

So, hopefully, what you’ve learned today will help you out to figure the right path.


Importance of a website for business (A data-driven study)-9 Facts

The lockdown made businesses realize the importance of a website.

Your business needs to have an online presence now more than ever. Because people stuck at home can’t go out and find it for themselves. The only option they have is to look it up online.

And yet, 40-50% of businesses don’t have a website. Most of them are on social media, and that’s it.

But there is a limit to things you can do with a 280 character tweet. Those limits don’t apply to your website.

Plus, there are plenty of other perks that you’re missing out on here. And that’s what I want to focus on in this article to show you how a website can help your business.

9 importance of a website for business:


Easy to find

Verisign performed a study where they found 9 out of 10 people search for goods online.

So, they are looking to learn about the brand. That means they are looking for a website.

But Clutch, a market research firm found out, 46% of companies missing a website.

And if you’re one of them, then you’re already behind 54% of your rivals.

That’s bad for business. How so?

Let’s say, you have the best pastry shop in the area, but there is no existence of it on the internet. But an “ok” shop has an online presence, and that’s where people will be headed.

That’s because they made sure people find them online when they lookup for a pastry shop in the area.

What’s the difference-maker? Yes, right! The website.

It does the trick for them.

Get more people to the front door:

Your email is the place where people contact you. Your home is the place where people come to find you.

Those addresses make it easy for others to contact you.

So, don’t you think your business deserves the same?

And you might argue, you already have an address. That’s the store where your customer comes looking for you.

But that’s just a small piece of the pie. There are 4.54 billion people on the internet. And even with 5% of them, you can get 227 million new eyes on the store.

Even your prime location store can’t get that many eyes. You can only imagine doing such numbers with online existence.

That’s the importance of a website: You go local to global just like that.


Make it look credible

Imagine, a friend of yours came and told you about a better streaming service than Netflix.

What would be your instant reaction?

You will take the phone out and search for it. And if you find the website, you will look into it. But what if you find only a download like from the app store.

Already you’re having doubts.

Now, why’s that?

Because you didn’t find a website for the service, and that’s enough for you to have second thoughts about its credibility.

It’s not only you. A 2015 study shows, 84% of consumers would have similar reservations about services without a website.

And 65% of them won’t consider such service to be credible if they get mail from generic accounts like Gmail instead of a business domain.

So, your brand needs to have the website to earn credibility.

Trust depends on it:

Maybe, the streaming service is better than Netflix. But will you go and get it?

It doesn’t look credible, so you don’t trust it.

And it turns out people don’t go onto buying spree like before.

As a study shows, more than 80% of people research products online. And only if they trust it, then they go and buy it.

A similar 2019 BrightLocal study portraits a clear picture.

They found out, 33% of people daily searched local businesses online compared to 27% in the previous year.

Meanwhile, only 21% of people trust a company without a website. But the number increases by 15% when they notice one.

So if you’re thinking, how does having a website help business?

Simple, it builds trust.


Build a brand

The first stepping stone to creating a brand’s identity is to have a website. And everything you put on the website serves to shape the brand’s image.

From the logo to the colors: every single detail lets your consumers associate with the brand.

Coca-Cola did the same thing with Santa Claus back in 1931. They portrayed the iconic Santa in red and white color like their drink.

And that’s the image you know of Santa to date. That’s why whenever you see the guy, and you think of Coca-Cola.

It’s hard to replicate something like that today, especially for small businesses.

You don’t have the funds to do such elaborate branding. But Ascii System can help you build your brand from the ground up with a website that connects with the consumers.

And if you already have one that lacks to portray the brand’s vision, no worries.

You can get the benefits of a website redesign with our agency, the same way Santa did it for Coca-Cola.

Build up the brand authority

You’ve painted the brand image for the business. Now, people can connect with the brand.

But you need to shape your brand.

And it’s not going to happen by chance. You’ve got to start the conversations in your industry.

In simple terms, you need to become the authority. The brand people look up to for guidance.

And the website is the place to do that. You can concentrate on your buyer’s pain points and guide him in the right direction.

And 82% of consumers want that from a brand. They want answers to their queries. And the blog is the place to address them.

This is one of the ways how a website help business to become the authority in the industry.

That sort of power can bring you, loyal customers. And loyal customers are worth 10x times more for a brand.

Share your story:

The best way to connect with the customer is to share your story. People love brands that tell a story.

Take any big brands. Whether it’s Amazon or Tesla, everyone knows how they got started and what they become.

Those brands share their history and their future vision with their users. And that makes people more invested in them.

So, even if you’ve just got started, it always helps to share the story. People love to know how you made this a reality and what you wish to achieve.

The benefits of a website for small business with this strategy is greater than anyone else. Because you get the chance to bond with the consumers.

So, make sure to depict a clear vision for the business with the website. Otherwise, people might not feel convinced to invest in the brand.


Make buzz:

You make wickedly good cupcakes at home. Why not ship them out nationwide?

You don’t need a shop for it. All you need a website to start selling them.

That’s what Wicked Good Cupcakes did in 2010 when they started. The mother-daughter owner of the cupcake company had a brilliant product, so they put together a website and begin selling.

Then they got some TV exposure, and soon people started looking for them online.

The website started everything.

And now they do $2 million in revenue per year with two of their locations. But online is where they do most of the business.

Imagine a website doing so much marketing for the brand.

Selling 24/7

Your brick and mortar store can’t be open 24/7. And even if it does, people aren’t walking the road around the clock to notice it.

People have to get back to their nest at night.

That’s how things are.

But do you know where most people at night go?

Yes, you’ve guessed it right: The Internet.

A 2017 ReportLinker survey discovered 75% of people keep their phones on even at night time.

And 10% of them admit to waking up at night to check their phones. So, people are always on the phone.

The importance of a website is that it lets those wake up in the middle of the night from their sleep and lookup for your service. Because you’re open 24/7 with the website.

No one will wake up at night and come to your physical store just like that to get the goods?

Never going to happen in a million years.

Cost-effective marketing

What’s the importance of website for business in marketing?

Consider the marketing value alone and you will realize the benefits of a website.

No doubt, it works as a great marketing channel. Yes, if you want instant impression for your business, Facebook and other media may cost you much less.

But if you take the lasting impression of a website in the account, the value is much more than theirs.

Let’s do the numbers to make it more obvious.

Professional company’s like Ascii System can create a custom website for your business for $1000 to $15000 bucks. The price varies depending on the complexity of the site.

Say you’ve spent $15000 on the website including the domain and hosting. And you get a moderate view of 50000 with the site every year.

Now, if you do the numbers, you are spending $300 for 1000 impressions. Absurd!

But let’s think for 3 years. Then the impression cost goes down to $100. And the more year passes on, the less it cost.

In the meantime, can you imagine how many $1 ad campaigns you’ve got to run in these 3 years?

It would cost much more and do less. Because, social media ads might get more eyes, but they don’t explain a lot. So, people don’t feel compelled to spend on the product you’re selling.

But your website has everything your customers need to know.

So, you’ve got a better chance to make sales through it.


Provide them support

Customers can have any queries about your business. From what you sell, how do you deliver, what way you take payments, they have a list of things to ask.

And they want to ask it anytime.

But they can’t go to the store, find someone working there and ask them these things whenever they desire.

And even if they do, the salesman at the shop might get tired of answering all these questions. And that can lose you business.

Because 80% of people stop doing business with companies if they experience poor customer support.

So, a lot is riding on your salesman’s temper.

But if you have a website set up with all the information for your customers, they might not have to come and ask these questions. They can simply visit the website.

Build a bond:

A website is a great place to create a bond with your customers. No doubt, you’re here to do business.

But it’s the brands that create a bond with the clients that do well in the long run.

So, use the website to create a community. Don’t just keep selling things to them. Help them out once in a while.

And you can use the blog to do that. You can provide informative content to them without any hidden agenda. This way you can build trust among them.

But if you try too hard to sell, it’s only going to blow up on your face.

So, build a relationship with your clients. This way you have a better opportunity of doing business with them.

Remember, acquiring a new customer costs 5x-6x times more than retaining one. So, your focus should be retaining the ones you have. And having a strong bond will help the cause.

24/7 Instant response:

Most customers don’t have patience. As you can recall, 82% of customers want quick responses to their questions.

Now, your website content can help answer most of the queries. But you can’t expect to answer everything with a blog.

That’s where the importance of a good website for business lies. Our agency can help your website provide 24/7 customer support with live chat service.

It’s one of the biggest benefits of a website that many fail to capitalize on. 

But we make sure you make the most of it with a proper chat system. So, no questions would ever go unheard. And everyone gets an answer in a flash.


Help them to settle down

Your potential customers will always have second thoughts. It’s hard for them to choose between you and all the other contenders.

That’s where your brand authority can come to your aid.

You’ve built a community where they come with their problems and you provide the solution.

You solve their many doubts. Give answers to all their queries.

You’ve educated them about the product. So, they take your say seriously.

Now, all you need is to push them a little further. Use your authoritative voice to do that. Give them suggestions about your business within the contents.

Use the 80-20 rule. Help with 80% of the content and educate about your service with the rest.

Let them know how you stand out from the rest.

If you can do this thing the right way without sounding too pushy, then the decision will always be in your favor.


Don’t depend on it

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others are great to create advertising campaigns.

You can also use them to connect with the customers and talk about your business.

But if it’s your only source of online presence, then you’re doing things wrong.

You’ve got no controls over the platforms. So, you can’t be sure what will be taken down and what would they let people see.

They have all the say.

Also, remember, social media buzz fades at some point in time. And people aren’t into sponsored ads anymore as 71% of them distrust them.

The only way to keep the trust is to have a proper website with all the information.

So, you need to think about using social media with the business website

If you don’t identify the importance of a website and solely depend on social media, you’re not going to survive for long.

Not suited to do business

Most small businesses think social media is all they need. And that’s where they are wrong.

Yes, the medium can help you get attention. It can help to create buzz for the business. But it won’t convert the visitors to sales.

Because like you, there are hundreds of other pages, providing the same service or product.

How can you make your business stand out from them?

Everything looks the same to the naked eyes. The consumers don’t feel the personal touch and it frustrates them.

A 2017 survey from Segment confirms this theory. They saw 71% of consumers express frustration with the shopping experience.

But if they enjoy a personalized experience, around 44% come back to the brand.

Our web development service can help you create the perfect customized experience for the buyers using the website. So, you may have a 40% greater chance of selling expensive products rather than selling nothing.


Spread the word out

One of the easiest ways businesses acquire new customers is through their existing ones.

Positive reinforcement is real and it works.

That’s what spinach-eating Popeye the sailorman did for the green veggies.

Popeye increased spinach consumption by a third in the USA alone.

And he was just a cartoon character.

Studies show 85% of consumers trust online reviews. And 81% of consumers trust businesses referral coming from their friends and families. So, if a cartoon can create such an impact, then imagine what good word of mouth can do from real people.

But you need to simplify things for the brand. And that’s where an easy link to your business websites comes to the rescue.

But that’s not enough to seal the deal. BrightLocal found in their research, people read at least 7 reviews before trusting a brand.

For that, you’ve got the testimonial section on the website.

You can display reviews of your clients to encourage others to try your service.


Recruit the right people

You need the right people working for your business to help it grow. But hunting down them can be a task in itself.

One of the other benefits of website for business is that it helps your draw in the top talent.

They can visit your website, see your vision, and can connect with it easily.

A recruitment ad won’t pursue them this way like the website. So, it’s not only a great way to get customers, but it also is the platform to put together the best team possible.

Use the affiliate program

You’ve got people in sales that bring in the customers. You can have the same thing going for your business online with a website.

Just create an affiliate program for the business.

This will encourage others to bring in more people to your place. And they will try to make others buy from you. They will work as your sales guy.

That’s because the affiliate program will let them get a cut from each sale. So, there will be an incentive.

And it’s what every major brand does to expand their business. From eCommerce giants to five-star hotels, 81% of brands depend on it for growth.

Yes, you’ll be giving up some of the profit, but you’ll be making more at the same time.

A place to land on

No matter what platform you use to reach out to people, you need to direct them somewhere.

Let’s say, you’re using email marketing, when people click on the mail, they need to be brought to a place where they can come to shop right away.

The website is that place for the business.

Because when you redirect the customers to the website, they can learn all about your brand.

But if you don’t have a website, they are less likely to know about your services.

So, having a website with great landing pages is important if you want to get 12x times more lead.

The importance of website for small business with great landing pages is something you can’t ignore.

Another pipeline for revenue

Your website can not only earn from bringing in the customers. It can also create different sources of income for the business.

Your content section can open a new stream of revenue.

But it depends on your brand’s influencing power.

If people listen to you, then some people would love to pay to have a guest post slot on the site. They would love to get exposure to your following to help their brand using yours.

But this passive income channel only works if your brand occupies the top tier in the market.

Why you need a professional touch?

You’re coming late to the party. All your rivals have their website up and running. And they rank for it on the search engines.

So, you can’t expect to set up a website and outrank them just like that.

You need the help of an expert web design agency to sort things out for you to thrive with your business website.

But how do they help?

They can assist you to create an attractive website that’s easy to navigate. That’s something people tend to get wrong with their business website.

They add too many things which only confuses visitors to the site. But experts realize the importance of a website that is easy to navigate.

So, they plan out the perfect blueprint for the website that makes people stay on it.

That way you’ve got a better chance to convert those visits into sales.

And if you recognize the importance of a website for a business that’s easy to find on search engines, then it’s time to get experts’ help.

So, who you gonna call?

Ascii System is right at your service. We will assist you to create the ideal website for the brand. And help you take the business to new heights by blowing the competition out of water.