Committed to the Future through research

Ascii system is an application development and IT consultancy company providing bespoke solution around the world.

As we know the IT industry is vast and rapidly growing. We faced a lot of problems at the beginning of our journey. Gradually, we improved our abilities and overcame all the obstacles.

We are in this field with a key business strategy to provide strategic solutions to meet client needs, helping build the partnership, and needs.

By using latest technology like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Analytics, Algorithm and Deep Learning etc, our plan is to make each industry better. We believe that, our endless effort will help people as well as the universe. It will also help us to take on the real-world challenge.

Artificial Intelligent is becoming an essential part of the technology industry. We believe that AI will lead the world by working and reacting better than humans. Our research with is associated with AI is highly technical and on process.

Apart from this, we are also working with other major industries like Finance & Investment, Healthcare, Ecommerce and so on. Our plan is to expand those industries which are still in development process.

If we succeed, it will be beneficial for companies means B2B business as well as consumers means B2C business industry.

Apart from these, by implementing our updated research, we will provide client’s support and solution related with technology from any corner of the world.

Our mission is to continue research and execution on IT development, provide best services to the existing clients, and product development idea for B2C and execution.

Based on this mission, our vision is to be a re-known company which will provide an updated IT service to B2B and B2C clients.


Company Profile:

Since 2014, we have been helping Global companies by providing technological solution. ASCII SYSTEM is a registered business entity in Bangladesh and Singapore.

We are planning to establish and expand our business world-wide. However, we already have happy clients from different countries.

At the same time, our dedicated and skilled team is working with experts from different field. Our team tries to implement their updated R&D and provide answers to problems. Each person from our energetic team involved in both learning new things and implementation.

Our main believe is that development of team members will lead our company in a better place. After being a successful company, we can be apart of helping the universe and social people.

We are into application development, implementation, support, and customized training.

Our motivation is to provide the highest quality service without any compromises.

The progress we have made is a combination of our long-term thinking, knowledge, hardworking, and intensive research.