9 Amazing Features For Your Health Website To Stand Out

Are you concerned about what features you can have on your health website? Guessing so, and maybe that’s probably why you are here at this moment.

Adding amazing features for a health website is an obvious part to attract visitors to your site. We are living in an era where competition for user attention is constantly growing to a huge extent.

In this vast competition, maybe you can draw some visitors to your site through strong SEO. But if you fail to deliver interesting features and contents, they will leave your site shortly.

This unspoken rule applies to all websites, regardless of niche. And the same thing goes for any health website.

So, let’s dive right in and learn about the features that will help your site stand out from the crowd.

9 Amazing Features For Your Health Website:

Today we are about to focus on 9 amazing site features for your health website. This endeavour is to make your site more user-friendly and unique. 

So, let’s get started.

  1. Focus on An Engaging UX/UI Design:

At the very moment, when a visitor comes to your website, the first thing he/she’s going to notice is the UI/UX of the site. Based on your site design and interface, he/she might be interested in roaming around or immediately leaving the site. 

So, the first impression is important, which has a far-reaching impact on your site. Have a quick look on this site, And see how you feel.

Visually so enrich and fresh.

Likewise, you can make your visitor come to visit your website times and over again by impressing them with a nice, profound, and easy UI/UX experience. 

Here is the top 12 health-related website UI/UX analysis. Feel free to read it to know how your site UI should look and how to make your visitor’s journey smoother.

  1. Clear Explanation Of Main Product Or Service:

You’ve to explain the main purpose of your website. That is what is the main service or product you are providing for the users. And how they can benefit from using your service/product. 

A visitor will be delighted when he comes to your website to get a nice and smooth UX with transparent info. Then, he might end up sharing the site with his circle who need it even if he doesn’t really need the service you provide. 

Remember, a clear explanation can build instant trust and transparency.

  1. User Directory With A Proper Call-to-Action Button:

As a health website, you should add a clear directory for both the Doctors and Patients. The easier and user-friendly it can be, the better the UX will get.

In our day to day life, it’s a common fact that we feel at ease with some physical consultant in terms of others. So, you can relate to this fact and make individual profiles for doctors. 

The profiles will be designed with the related information of the doctors. It will help the patients to choose their best-suited consultant. 

In this case, you can add a booking feature that will work as a call-to-action for the patients to book an appointment with his favourable doctor. It’ll be a monetization source for your site, so don’t miss it out.

However, patients also need a user profile to store all their medical and booking information so that both doctors and patients will easily interpret and no need to speak out everything every sitting.

  1. Education & Blog Section With Rich Information:

An educational corner with rich information will add value to your website. You may ask why. Well, nowadays, people are getting more and more conscious about their health. So, they want to learn things related to health and fitness.

And as a health-related site, visitors will obviously expect a unique education section from your website. Right?

You can organize the section maintaining an “A to Z glossary” where information related to medical science, diseases and conditions, medicine and supplements etc. will be organized. Moreover, a powerful search option will help to navigate users to their expected content.

On the other hand, the blog section will contain all the recent updates on the medical science field. It will continuously update your visitors with recent news and facts.

The section may seem a bit common and worthless as most of the website tend to have this section. But it will be your main sword to attract more visitors to your site and make them stay glued to it. 

You wonder how?

Well, indeed, you have to put a bit of effort to design, organize, and choose content for this section. Properly picked content topics enriched with valuable info and eye-catching visual elements is the main ingredients for this. You need to season it with perfect organization.

Yes, a clean and clear interface with rich content and visual elements. Perfect.

  1. Telemedicine And Video Conferencing:

In this era of technological boom, updated technologies made our lives much easier. And Telemedicine and video conferencing is a great option for both doctors and patients to initiate an appointment right from home.

We have seen how helpful this option was during the whole Covid-19 situation. 

To be honest, people now want more and more convenience in every sphere of their life. They are less willing to waste their time on the road to visit a doctor.

Rather, an option like Telemedicine and video conferencing will help to save them time and efforts.

So, don’t let your website miss out on this amazing feature.

  1. Health and Wellness Tools:

It will add extra value to your health site if you can engage visitors with various health and wellness tools.

Need an example? Here it is.

Such tools, namely symptom checker, body mappill identifiers, etc., will be very engaging as they provide instant information regarding any bodily and medicine related issues.

  1. Transparent Payment Processing:

As your website will be a connecting point for physicians, consultants and patients, you have to develop a clear and transparent payment processing system.

You have to set terms and conditions which both parties can easily interpret. Every type of fees should be clearly mentioned. So that patient can choose according to his comfort.

Otherwise, your site reputation can be impacted. And it is not really what you want, right?

  1. Sense Of A Secure Website:

Everyone wants to keep their information safe and secure. And you’ll see any professional institution, especially hospitals, never agree to disclose their client/patients’ information to any stranger.

And it’s the actual system. It is called professionalism. Indeed, patients do have the right to get a secure service without disclosing their info. Especially in the virtual world, the sense of security is an obvious demand for everyone.

So, when you build your health website, make sure that you’ve taken every measure to give your visitors a sense of security.

  1. Mobile Friendly Website:

Another noteworthy feature that your website should have. You must need to check out if users can have the same experience with your website both on PC and mobile. It’s crucial. Why?

According to Statista, approximately half of web traffic comes from mobile devices.

It’s because many users may feel more comfortable on a mobile device. And, it’s also tough to carry a pc everywhere they go. So, a mobile device is the best choice in this case. So, while making your site, reassure that your site is mobile-friendly.

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Closing Bell:

To conclude, we must say that after making your website communicate the value of your service in ways that will resonate with them. Make your website all about your clients and customers. 

Tell them how easily you will solve their problem. As a result, the site becomes a common name in their heart, and they will feel free to visit your website anytime they need.