12 Top Fitness And Healthcare Websites-2021: UI/UX Analysis

People nowadays are more and more concerned about their fitness and healthcare. We know that worldwide the public awareness rate on health crossed another milestone during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Every day, people are browsing through the internet for quality information and health tips. And as time flows, the demand for authentic and informative health sites has peaked in the Himalayas.

Undoubtedly, physical fitness is the first requisite for Happiness. With this realization, we endeavor to give you a sight of some helpful and top quality websites. We can assure you that these sites will be the best examples if you are about to build a new health website. We will be discussing the UI/UX (user interface and user experience). You can take some notes on the crucial issues for your site.

And if you are just a commoner, it’s ok, no problem. You, too, can hover over them to satisfy your thirst for knowledge and information.

Market Demand for Health Site:

We haven’t overcome the pandemic period yet. As the career opportunity in this crucial time is on the downturn, an informative and helpful website for health can be a good choice for your passive income stream.

According to the US Bureau Of Labor Statistics, “Five out of the 20 industries projected to grow the fastest from 2019 to 2029 are in healthcare and social assistance, the fastest growing industry in the economy.”

However, some more statistics will help you realize the current demand for authentic health-related websites.

Google is a trusted resource for people worldwide to answer health-related questions and find providers. And 5% of all Google searches are health-related.

Search is the preferred way for patients to find healthcare providers online that drives 3x more visitors to hospital sites than non-search.

Hopefully, these statistics are enough to showcase the rising demand for fitness and healthcare sites. Therefore, here, we enlisted the top 12 helpful health-related websites under four different categories.

So, no more intro; please scroll down to know more about them.

Top 3 Sites For General Health Information:

You will get to know about top websites focusing on general health, diseases, and other medical issues in this category.

We have chosen these three sites based on their interface design, ranking, user experience, and popularity.

They are the top-ranked in the World Wide Web realm by serving people with genuine health-related information, various wellness tools, etc. That’s how they have built a huge audience and loyal fan base with their attractive and user-friendly website interface.

So, let’s jump into the main part.


Healthline is an American website founded in 2006 and become a standalone entity within a decade. Here, you will find thousands of articles covering every section of fitness and healthcare-related issues.

Features That Made The Site Unique:

  • User-friendly website interface.
  • Clear and visually rich surface.
  • A to Z glossary with the combination of information of the whole health-related sectors.
  • Way to check any physical symptoms on the symptom checker. It’s an amazing aspect to identify possible causes and treatment.
  • They have an option to explore the human body. You can learn the human body system along with a 3D human body model.
  • Smooth navigation throughout the site.

What Expert Programmer Say About The UI/UX:

After analyzing the whole site, our experts have pointed out some positive as well as negative issues. According to them, fixing the negative issue will enhance the UX of the site.

Here are our expert programmer’s views and opinions:

  • The site has a clean and coherent interface.
  • Another good feature of this site is the smooth speed.
  • The BodyMap feature is also quite impressive. It is very helpful to the medical students as well as for the commoners.
  • However, the Symptom Checker does have some issues which can impact the UX of the site negatively.

To be more specific, a visitor needs to write down everything on the search option or search below to get what he wants. It’s a bit time consuming, and normal people may find it hard to use.

In the meantime, if we compare the symptom checker UX of Healthline and RxList’s symptom checker (we will discuss it below), Rxlist will win. Why?

Well, their symptom checker is more user friendly. A user can hover on the body and select the place where he is experiencing any problem. Then, the checker will automatically show the suggestions on the right side. Quite easy.

So, it will be great if Healthline can make the tool easier for the users.

NIH: National Institute Of Health

NIH is the National Institute of Health’s official site that is a part of the US department of health and human service. It’s working on biochemical and public health research since its very birth.

Features That Make The Site Unique:

Now let’s find out the main features of this site that make it special and ranked as one of the toppers.

  • The search option has a nice speed. It works more like a search engine to find out every relevant information based on the search keyword.
  • It contains easy, accessible information and many more regarding fitness and health awareness.
  • There are lots of individual contact info based on the disease category, which is quite helpful.
  • Other than different wellness toolkits, it will provide you with many helpful resources to help people live a healthy life.

Expert Analysis On The UI/UX Of The Site:

We are now about to discover our Experts’ opinion about this site:

  • The navigation sleekness of the site is quite good.
  • However, as for the UI of this site, it may seem a bit unorganized. Users may have to roam around here and there to reach their destination topic. But it’s considerable as it is an informative site. After all most gov. site has this kind of UI and also, the user experience is a bit low.

However, if they enhance the UX of the site, it will surely attract more visitors’ attention.


WebMD is another top-ranked site enriched with A to Z valuable health information. According to Wikipedia,

“During March 2020, WebMD’s network of websites reached more unique visitors each month than any other leading private or government healthcare website, making it the leading health publisher in the United States.”

Unique Features Of This Site:

Indeed, this site is a good source for you to get accurate and quality information. But what are the features that make it so outstanding?

Let’s find out:

  • Besides various health-related blogs, there is also info regarding any drugs or supplements to know more about its side effects and other issues.
  • A user can also check if he/she is experiencing any bodily issues in the symptom checker. You can even put multiple symptoms.
  • Moreover, this site contains tools like the Food calorie calculator, etc. These tools are pretty interesting and helpful for the users and help the site attracting more visitors.
  • On the other hand, WebMD has some other apps for a more convenient user experience.

Expert Analysis On The UI/UX Of The Site:

Now Let’s see what our experts think about the site:

Though the site is informative, the home page header and body section still need some more polishes to enrich the UI.

Otherwise, everything is good and remarkable.

3 Helpful Sites About Drugs And Medication Information:

In this section, we will cover 3 Helpful Drugs and Medication sites. All these are globally acknowledged for medicine and drug information by thousands of healthcare professionals and consumers.


Drugs.com is a private online pharmaceutical encyclopedia that is now two decades old. It is famous, especially in the United States, for resourceful information on various drugs and medicine types.

Top Features That Enriched Its Ui/Ux:

  • As soon as you reach the site, a clear and transparent interface will welcome you to search for the drug you want to know.
  • The search option has regular speed. Visitors can browse by the first letter of any drug name. In short, you can find any drugs from the “Drugs A-Z” section.
  • Next, the drug side effects section is quite organized and informative.

Expert Analysis On The UI/UX Of The Site:

Drugs.com website is promised to give authentic information about drugs and medicines to the users. Therefore, they follow their motto “Know more. Be Sure” very rigidly from the very beginning.

So, let’s see what our experts find out about the site:

  • This site has good speed and searches quality. Especially the advance search option.
  • The interaction checker tool is helpful and unique.
  • However, the header and footer portions are organized and clean. In comparison, the body section needs to be a bit more organized.
  • Overall design improvement of the site will enhance the site UX/UI quality.


RxList is another dominant medical resource established in 1995. And since 2004, the site is owned and operated by WebMD. Expert pharmacists and physicians continuously update the site with well research articles and data. Their goal is to ensure accurate, transparent, and helpful information.

Why It’s Considered As A Top Site:

Now, we are about to disclose the features of the site that makes it so popular worldwide.

  • You will find an alphabetic listing of drug names on the top of the site interface.
  • There are also sections, namely Pill Identifiers, Supplements, Symptom Checker, Diseases, Dictionary, helpful tools, and media. They organized every section appreciably.
  • The most attractive tool of this site is the “Drug Interaction Checker.” One can put as many medicine names as he wants and check if they have any interaction that prevents the drugs from performing as expected. Amazing.

What Expert Programmer Say About The UI/UX Of Rxlist:

Let’s jump into the main part without any more words:

  • RxList did a great job with the symptom checker tool. It’s quite easy to use. However, on the common symptom section and glossary, if they add a short description of the disease, it would increase the user flexibility.
  • However, if there is a minimizing option for each section on the drug search option, the user might not have to scroll up and down to reach their destination.
  • The medical and health slideshow is also a good feature of this site.


The Electronic Medicines Compendium (EMC) is a top-class website containing updated, authentic information about medicines in the UK. It has more than 14,000 documents, all of which have been checked and approved by either the UK or European government agencies.

Top Features Of The Website:

  • Clean interface and easy navigation on the site.
  • No complexity of the design.
  • Quality information regarding drugs and medicines.
  • The smooth speed and outstanding functionality.

Expert Opinions About The Site Quality:

About the quality of this site, our expert team has no complaints. Let’s find out where is the problem then?

  • The functionality of this site is even better than Drugs.com.
  • Especially, the search option and search speed are good.
  • Though this site’s functionality is very impressive, the overall site design can be a bit better. Design improvement will greatly enhance the site UI.

Top 3 Sites On Children Health

All three websites of this section are about child health and parenting. The sites’ contents will help you greatly to bring out the potentials of your child.


It is the top-ranked child health website. After realizing the importance of information about pregnancy and parenting on the internet, Matt Glickman and Mark Selcow founded Babycenter.com in 1997.

Top Features Of This Site:

  • This site is well known for representing conception, pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, and growth in early childhood related information.
  • Moreover, 3D animated videos showcasing a baby’s development in utero have positively influenced the site UI/UX.
  • This site also has some other helpful toolkits for you, such as Ovulation Calculator, Due Date Calculator, etc. All these tools are very easy to use yet very informative.

Expert’s Opinion:

According to our expert panel,

“Babycenter did a great job with the user interface as well as the user experience. It worths thousands of applauses not only for it’s quality information and smooth speed, but also for the nice visual appeal.”

The “pregnency week by week” part on the home page is incredible. It enhances the site UI to a greater extent.

Moreover, all the apps they provide are quite helpful and interesting. So, a huge thumbs app to the team Babycenter.


KidsHealth is a popular website that provides information about children’s health and development from birth to adulthood.

This site is sponsored by a nonprofit organization named The Nemours Foundation. Around 850,000 people visit this site every week, browsing on different sections for children, teenagers, and parents.

Top Features That Make The Site Popular:

The following features helped the site rank among the other child health-related sites:

  • This website has four main sections, including many subsections. All these contain beneficiary information regarding general health, growth and development, Disease and Conditions, and so forth.
  • It contains visually appealing, informative videos explaining various topics.
  • Another section, “For Educator,” will bring users to a page called “KidsHealth in the classroom.” The interface of which a bit messy.

Expert’s Opinion About The Site’s UI And UX:

Kidshealth website is quite simple looking and doesn’t have any complexity in design. Information is organized very simply.

Yet, to enhance the site’s UI/UX, our expert suggested an overall design improvement. Especially, “Kidshealth in the classroom section.” It will increase the flexibility of the site.


Parents.com is an online representation of the famous magazine “Parents” published by Meredith Corporation.

This site gained the 3rd position in the children’s health category. As a top-ranked site, it’s obvious that they firmly maintained the information accuracy and transparency.

Best Feature Of The Website:

Let’s point out the features of the site which helped it to achieve the honorable position.

  • The site is quite organized and has a clean interface.
  • It features various scientific information related to child development, safety, and education to help parents raising their children.
  • And, the page loading speed is regular.

Views Of Our Expert Panel About The Site:

This site is a bit different from the previous two. Unlike the previous two, it didn’t include A to Z information about the niche. It is only representing different blogs and articles on various random topics.

And, the blog and articles showcasing pages can be a bit more organized.

So, it will be great if they broaden the information catalog and the UI of the site.

World’s Top 3 Hospital Websites:

Now, it’s time to discover how the world’s top hospitals arranged their online existence. Here, we cover the top 3 Hospital websites that you can consider as the best examples for your website.

Mayo Clinic

Now we are talking about the world’s top-ranked medical service provider. Mayo Clinic was founded back in 1864, about 157 years ago.

It’s a nonprofit American academic medical center focused on integrated fitness and healthcare, education, and research.

Features That Make Their Website Top Ranked:

Mayo is not only best for their medical service, but their website is also the top-ranked one. Great, right?

Let’s see what makes their site so appreciable:

  • Clean and organized website interface.
  • There is an orderly arrangement of quality information.
  • It has individual sections for general visitors, professionals, and students. The simple, straight-forward navigation at the top of the home page greatly enhances the website’s usability.
  • Fast and smooth search option.

Expert’s Remark About The Site UI/UX:

  • The site contains tons of information not only about the hospital but also many other aspects.
  • Their subtle explanation of articles made the site user friendly.
  • About the user interface, the home page is good. But other pages can have some retouch as everything is showing in the middle of the page.
  • However, their site speed is quite smooth. And overall, we must say it deserves the rank.

Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland is the second position holder in the world’s medical field. They are well-known for technological management systems.

Features Of Cleveland Website:

Mayo is not only best for their medical service, but their website is also the top-ranked one. Great, right?

Let’s see what makes their site so appreciable:

  • Clean and organized website interface.
  • There is quality information about diseases & conditions, drugs & supplements, symptom & test procedures, etc.
  • It has individual sections for general visitors, professionals, and students.
  • The simple, straight-forward navigation at the top of the home page greatly enhances the website’s usability.
  • The search option is quite good, even better than the previous one. A user only needs to type some character of a disease name, and there will instantly appear tons of suggestion articles.

Expert’s Note About The Site UI/UX:

Well, our expert team highly appreciated the site. Everything about the site is quite rich and admirable.

However, some retouch on the overall site design might be helpful to attract more visitors.

Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital (Mass General or MGH) is the largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. They are well-known for medical services and treatment.

However, it ranked in the 3rd position in the world’s top hospital list.

Now, let’s

jump into their website to see how they organized it.

Top Features Of The Site:

  • Mass General’s website has a clean and organized header and footer section.
  • It contains information about health and diseases. Also, there are some question sections on the individual conditions, which users may find helpful to ask their doctors.
  • The site speed is quite splendid.

Expert’s Analysis On The Site Performance:

Despite having some cool features, our expert has pointed out some major issues that the authority should consider:

  •  The body portion of the home page of the site is a bit disordered. They can work on the site design to make it more appealing to the users.
  • On the search option, a suggestion list would add flexibility to the users.
  • Our expert team recommends an overall design improvement to add more competence.

Words To Conclude

A person with good physical and mental health is more likely to have body organs functioning at their peaks. And to reach the state of complete well-being, one needs to have clear knowledge.

As health awareness is growing in people worldwide, it’s high time to outline your website.

Hope the article will help you get the resources to get a clear idea for your new website building. As well as the common reader will get enough info to enrich their insight and views about health.